For 42 years, Rosemary Margan has been a consistent, if not understated, voice on Melbourne radio and television – presenting weather forecasts and commercials and was also a long-standing presenter at TV Week Logie Awards nights in the 1970s. But now, just short of her 70th birthday, the gentle voice of Rosemary is being retired from the airwaves with her final live-to-air appearance on radio 3AW.

A former water-ski champion, Rosemary’s television career began at GTV9 in 1965 presenting the nightly weather forecast – causing a storm of her own when one night she appeared on-air in a fur coat which was removed to reveal her wearing no more than a bikini. A decade later, Rosemary was presenting a live-to-air commercial on The Graham Kennedy Show when her spiel was interrupted by Graham’s suspect “crow call” which created headlines and got him banned from appearing on live television.


For almost 20 years, Rosemary has been the voice of live-to-air commercials on Neil Mitchell‘s morning program on 3AW.

(Pictured: Rosemary Margan, guest Edward Woodward and host Bert Newton at the 1975 TV Week Logie Awards. Picture: TV WEEK)

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