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On This Day — 12 July

12 July 1969: Ted Hamilton, Chuck Faulkner, Gerard Kennedy (Division 4) 12 July 1975: Serge Lazareff, Penne Hackforth-Jones, Gus Mercurio (Cash And Company) 12 July 1975: Joe Hasham, Margaret Laurence, Pamela Gibbons (Number 96) 12 July 1980: Gerard Maguire and Sheila Florance (Prisoner) 12 July 1997: Tempany Deckert and Ben Unwin (Home And Away) 12 …

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On This Day — 11 July

11 July 1962: Panda Lisner (The Happy Show) 11 July 1964: Graham Kennedy (In Melbourne Tonight), Jimmy Hannan (Saturday Date), Gerry Gibson (Tonight, Brisbane), Lionel Williams (Adelaide Tonight) 11 July 1992: Emily Symons (Home And Away) 11 July 2009: Eloise Mignon and James Sorensen (Neighbours)

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On This Day — 10 July

10 July 1958: Radio star Jack Davey 10 July 1971: Ken James (Skippy The Bush Kangaroo, The Group) and wife Jan. 10 July 1993: Rachael Beck and Ben Oxenbould (Hey Dad!) 10 July 1999: Erik Thomson, Georgie Parker, Martin Lynes (All Saints) 10 July 2004: Aaron Jeffery, Rachael Carpani, Brett Tucker, Michala Banas, Myles Pollard, …

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On This Day — 8 July

8 July 1972: Grigor Taylor, Michael Pate, Paul Cronin, Vic Gordon (Matlock Police) 8 July 1995: Melissa George (Home And Away) and Kimberley Joseph (Gladiators) 8 July 2000: Bec Cartwright (and sister Kristy) and Kym Valentine (and sister Shayne) 8 July 2006: Aaron Jeffery and Michelle Langstone (McLeod’s Daughters) 8 July 1972: ABC has live …

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On This Day — 6 July

  6 July 1974: John Hargreaves (And The Big Men Fly) 6 July 1974: Bob Francis and Anne Wills (Penthouse Club, Adelaide) 6 July 1996: Melissa George (Home And Away)   6 July 1987: With Perth still only having two commercial channels versus the three east coast commercial networks, some Network Ten programs are showing …

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On This Day — 1 July

1 July 1972: Johnny Farnham 1 July 1995: Kimberley Davies (Neighbours) 1 July 2000: Belinda Emmett (All Saints) 1 July 2006: Katie Hastings, Jamie Brooksby, David Graham, Krystal Forscutt, Camilla Severi (Big Brother) 1 July 1932: The Australian Broadcasting Commission is formed as Australia’s national broadcaster, comprising 12 radio stations. The broadcaster was later chartered …

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On This Day — 28 June

28 June 1980: Tina Bursill and Gerard Kennedy (Skyways) 28 June 2003: Jay Bunyan and Delta Goodrem (Neighbours) 28 June 2008: Indiana Evans, Mark Furze, Christie Hayes (Home And Away) 28 June 1967: The debut of the 26-part drama series You Can’t See Round Corners, starring Ken Shorter and Rowena Wallace. The series was an …

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On This Day — 27 June

27 June 1971: Bob and Dolly Dyer (BP Pick-A-Box) 27 June 1981: Lynda Stoner and Bill Stalker (Cop Shop) 27 June 1987: Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue (Neighbours) 27 June 1987: Peter O’Brien (The Flying Doctors) 27 June 1992: Mat Stevenson (Home And Away), Jeremy Sims (Chances), Toni Pearen (E Street), Kym Wilson (A Country …

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On This Day — 25 June

25 June 1983: Cornelia Frances and Brian Blain (Sons And Daughters) 25 June 1988: Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan (Neighbours) 25 June 1994: Lisa McCune (Blue Heelers) 25 June 2005: Jason Smith and Isabel Lucas (Home And Away)

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On This Day — 23 June

23 June 1973: Chuck Faulkner, Frank Taylor, Pat Smith, Ted Hamilton, Gerard Kennedy and Terry Donovan (Division 4) 23 June 1979: Andrew McFarlane and Robert Coleby (Patrol Boat) 23 June 1990: Nicolle Dickson (with husband James Bell, left) and Alex Papps (Home And Away) 23 June 2001: Daniel MacPherson and Holly Valance (Neighbours) 23 June …

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