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On This Day — 21 August

21 August 1959: Graham Kennedy (In Melbourne Tonight) 21 August 1976: Michael Charlton, Robert Moore, David Flatman, Caroline Jones, John Temple, Mike Willesee (Four Corners) 21 August 1982: Bert Newton (The Don Lane Show, New Faces) 21 August 1993: Gavin Harrison and Rebekah Elmaloglou (A Country Practice) 21 August 2004: Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Neighbours) 21 August …

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On This Day — 20 August

20 August 1989: Craig McLachlan (Neighbours) 20 August 1994: Jo Beth Taylor (Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show) 20 August 2005: Holly Brisley and Chris Hemsworth (Home And Away) 20 August 1962: Afternoon game shows include Say When, Video Village, Concentration, It Could Be You and Take The Hint. 20 August 1974: The historical drama series …

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Obituary: Sir Michael Parkinson

Legendary British broadcaster Sir Michael Parkinson has died at the age of 88 after a short illness. The Yorkshire-born journalist made his television debut in the UK in the 1960s, before launching his eponymous interview program Parkinson, which ran on BBC from 1971 until 1982 before being revived in 1998. The show then moved across …

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On This Day — 17 August

17 August 1974: Brendon Lunney (Rush) 17 August 1985: Shane Withington and Anne Tenney (A Country Practice) 17 August 1991: Matthew Krok and Rachael Beck (Hey Dad) 17 August 2002: Bec Cartwright and Ben Unwin (Home And Away) 17 August 2002: Holly Valance and Blair McDonough (Neighbours) 17 August 1959: All three Sydney channels present …

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On This Day — 16 August

16 August 1975: Denise Drysdale (The Ernie Sigley Show) 16 August 1980: Peter Adams and Joanna Lockwood (Cop Shop) 16 August 1980: Lionel Williams (It’s A Woman’s World) 16 August 1997: Nicola Charles (Neighbours) 16 August 2008: Mark Priestley and Jolene Anderson (All Saints) 16 August 1959: Brisbane becomes the first Australian city outside of …

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On This Day — 7 August

7 August 1976: Anne Wills (NWS9, Adelaide, afternoon host) 7 August 1982: Glenn Wheatley and Sons And Daughters‘ Gaynor Martin 7 August 1993: Kimberley Davies (Neighbours) and Lisa Lackey (Home And Away) 7 August 2004: Christie Hayes, Bec Cartwright, Beau Brady (Home And Away) 7 August 2010: Tessa James and Amy Mathews (Home And Away) …

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On This Day — 6 August

6 August 1959: Bert Newton (In Melbourne Tonight) 6 August 1983: Paula Duncan and John Orcsik (Cop Shop) 6 August 1994: Ann Burbook (Blue Heelers) 6 August 2005: Blair McDonough and Marisa Warrington (Neighbours) 6 August 1964: ATV0’s first Thursday includes the premiere of another current affairs program, The Pacemakers, hosted by station newsreader Barry …

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Neighbours sets return date

Neighbours is set to make its long-awaited return next month in a new timeslot on Ten, and this time it will be first run on Ten’s primary channel. From 18 September, Neighbours will air new episodes every Monday to Thursday at 4.30pm, with a replay on 10 Peach in its traditional 6.30pm timeslot. The new …

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On This Day — 1 August

1 August 1992: Rachel Blakely (Neighbours) 1 August 1998: Swimmer Sam Riley and Ironman Trevor Hendy 1 August 1964: Melbourne becomes Australia’s first four-station market with the official opening of ATV0. The new channel is the first of the Independent Television System network now known as Network Ten. The opening night line-up includes a variety/comedy …

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On This Day — 30 July

30 July 1983: Lorraine Bayly (Carson’s Law) 30 July 1988: ‘Kylie Mole’ (Maryanne Fahey, The Comedy Company) 30 July 2005: Stefan Dennis and Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Neighbours) 30 July 2022: Ian Smith, Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Annie Jones, Stefan Dennis (Neighbours) 30 July 1972: Sunday night movies are Woman Of Straw (1964), The Pink Panther (1964) …

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