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Seven Adelaide turns 50

Adelaide’s SAS Seven today turns 50. The station has a history that has spanned two networks, initially launching as SAS10 — part of the Independent Television System (what is now Network Ten). SAS10’s arrival marked the completion of the roll-out of an additional TV station to each of the five major capital cities. The licence for the …

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Jane Reilly quits TV for radio

Jane Reilly, one of Adelaide television’s longest serving presenters, has announced she is resigning from her role as weather presenter at Ten News. AdelaideNow reports that Reilly is stepping away from TV to focus on her radio commitments at Adelaide talkback station 5AA. Reilly admitted that her decision will come as a shock to many: …

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Obituary: Reg Whiteman

Reg Whiteman, a performer from the earliest days of Western Australian television and the man who first played the role of children’s character Fat Cat, has died in Perth at the age of 82. An inaugural member of the WA Ballet Company, Whiteman performed as part of a dance troupe on the opening night of …

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Veronica Overton-Low

The WA TV History blog reports that Veronica Overton-Low, a former TV presenter in Perth and Adelaide, has died suddenly from a heart attack. Overton, 66, was an actress and had performed at Perth channel TVW7 before securing a job at rival channel STW9 not long after it launched in the mid 1960s.  She was …

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