5 September 1970: Bob Dyer and Dolly Dyer (Pick A Box)

5 September 1981: Megan Williams (The Sullivans)

5 September 1992: Elle Macpherson

5 September 1998: Tasma Walton and William McInnes (Blue Heelers)

5 September 2009: Rebecca Gibney (Packed To The Rafters)

5 September 1959: Adelaide’s first TV station, NWS9, is officially opened. — TV At 60: TV comes to Adelaide [2019]

5 September 1975: Number 96‘s infamous ‘bomb-blast’ episode which saw four characters written out of the series – the list of those characters who died were not known until the following Monday’s episode — 40 years since Number 96 was bombed [2015]

5 September 1994: Three Men And A Baby Grand, a 10-part comedy series starring Jonathan Biggins, Phillip Scott, Drew Forsythe and Genevieve Lemon, debuts on ABC.

5 September 2004: David Wenham, Mick Molloy, Leah Vandenberg, Deborah Kennedy, Justine Clarke, John Clarke, Heather Mitchell and Bruce Spence star in the telemovie The Brush-Off, screening on Seven.

5 September 2007: Summer Heights High, the mockumentary sitcom from comedian Chris Lilley, who performed the three lead roles — Ja’mie King (pictured), Jonah Takalua and drama teacher Mr G — debuts on ABC.

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