On This Day — 14 September

14 September 1961: Bobby Limb (The Mobil-Limb Show)

14 September 1963: Bobby Limb (Bobby Limb’s Sound Of Music)

14 September 1991: Penny Cook (GP)

14 September 1996: Isla Fisher and Martin Henderson (Home And Away)

14 September 2002: Christie Hayes and Kate Garven (Home And Away)

14 September 1971: The Seven Network celebrates 15 years of Australian television with Nostalgia Unlimited.

14 September 1973: Melbourne’s HSV7 screens The Wicked City, a pilot for a proposed series, starring Robin Ramsay, Jill Forster, Graham Rouse, Michele Fawdon and Abigail. The big-budget production, filmed in Sydney but set in Melbourne in the 1880s, did not proceed to a series.

14 September 1975: Mike Willesee hosts Seven’s new series This Is Your Life. Based on an overseas format, the show surprises and pays tribute to high-profile Australians. Willesee was later replaced by Digby Wolfe, then Roger Climpson.

14 September 1978: ATV0, Melbourne, presents the first episode of comedy series The Tea Ladies, starring Pat McDonald (Number 96) and Sue Jones (The Truckies) as tea ladies working in Parliament House, Canberra.

14 September 1982: Includes the premiere of NBC mini-series Marco Polo.

14 September 1983: The Nine Network’s talent quest New Faces presents a special 20th anniversary show.

14 September 2000: On the eve of the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympic Games, Seven screens the two-hour special The Winner Is Sydney, featuring Australian athletes and high-profile celebrities, including Paul Hogan, Bryan Brown, Jack Thompson, Nicole Kidman, Derryn Hinch, Wendy Harmer and Andrew Denton, as they share their hopes and ambitions on what the Games will mean to Sydney and Australia.


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