20 August 1989: Craig McLachlan (Neighbours)

20 August 1994: Jo Beth Taylor (Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show)

20 August 2005: Holly Brisley and Chris Hemsworth (Home And Away)

20 August 1962: Afternoon game shows include Say When, Video Village, Concentration, It Could Be You and Take The Hint.

20 August 1974: The historical drama series Rush, set during the 1850s gold rush, makes its debut on ABV2, Melbourne. (Almost 20 years later, scenes from Rush were comically dubbed by The Late Show to form a series of sketches called The Olden Days)

20 August 1990: Ten debuts a new Australian series A Waltz Through The Hills, based on the classic children’s novel which tells the story of two children living in a small Western Australian town in 1954.


1 thought on “On This Day — 20 August

  1. In February 1975, just before starting UniSA, I was on Concentration, I won a water bed and a selection of wines. I would love to see that 25 year old😊

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