Monday 20 August 1962 — VICTORIA

Source: TV Week, 18 August 1962 (Regionals: TV Times, 15 August 1962)

10AM 10am Test Pattern
11AM 11.15am For Schools: Discovering Science – Sounds And Hearing
11.35 Test Pattern, Music
11.55am First Edition News 11.26 Almanac
11.30 Loretta Young Show
12PM 12pm Movie: The Man I Love. 1947 [IMDB] 12pm Movie: Talk Of The Town. 1942 [IMDB]
1PM 1.30 Video Village. Danny Webb
2PM 2pm Eye On Research
2.30 For Schools: Discovering Science – The Ingredients Of Air
2.50 Test Pattern, Music
2pm Say When. Jimmy Hannan
2.30 Make Mine Music. Ron Cadee, John D’Arcy, Graeme Bent, Jocelyn Terry
2pm TV Reader’s Digest
2.30 Concentration. Terry Dear
3PM 3pm (To Be Announced)
3.55 Studio Talk. Brian Naylor
3pm It Could Be You. Tommy Hanlon Jnr, Jack Little
3.30 Take The Hint. Frank Wilson
4PM 4.45 Kindergarten Playtime 4pm Rin Tin Tin
4.30 Huckleberry Hound
4.55 The Happy Show. Happy Hammond, Princess Panda, Vic Gordon, Ann Watt
4pm Sea Hunt
4.30 Superman
5PM 5pm Monday Showcase 5pm The Tarax Show. Geoff Corke, Ron Blaskett, Susan-Gaye Anderson, Margot Sheridan
6PM 6pm It’s A Wonderful World
6.30 Hancock’s Half Hour
6pm Robin Hood
6.30 News. Geoff Raymond
6pm The Three Stooges
6.30 News. Eric Pearce, Jack Little
7PM  7pm ABC News, Weather, Newsreel. Norman Griffiths
7.30 Dr Kildare
7pm The Flintstones
7.30 Surfside Six
7pm BP Pick-A-Box. Bob Dyer, Dolly Dyer
7.30 Laramie
8PM  8.20 This Is Japan
8.30 Tales Of Wells Fargo
8.55 Export Action
8.30 Bonanza 8.30 The Defenders
9PM  9pm Town And Country. John Sparkes
9.30 University Of The Air
9.30 The Corruptors 9.30 In Melbourne Tonight
10PM  10pm ABC News
10.10 Sea War
10.35 Miami Undercover
10.25 Yancy Derringer
10.50 Late News Headlines
10.55 Close
10.45 The Rebel
11PM  11pm Close 11.15 Television City News. Eric Pearce
11.30 Epilogue
11.35 Close


5.30pm BTV Juniors
6pm Fury
6.30 News, Weather
7pm BP Pick-A-Box
7.30 I Love Lucy
8pm Bonanza
9pm The Untouchables
9.50 Peter Gunn
10.20 Epilogue; Close
5.30pm GMV Juniors. Nancy Cato
6pm Hopalong Cassidy
6.30 Huckleberry Hound
6.40 News, Weather
7pm BP Pick-A-Box
7.30 I Love Lucy
8pm Rawhide
9pm The Untouchables
10pm News, Weather. David Brice
10.15 Epilogue; Close
5pm Cobbers’ Teleclub. John Crook. Includes Crusader Rabbit
5.45 The Lone Ranger
6.10 Comedy Capers: The Three Stooges
6.30 News, Weather
6.53 Stock Report
7pm BP Pick-A-Box
7.30 The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis
8pm Laramie
8.53 Be My Guest
9pm The Untouchables
9.50 Sporting Spotlight. John Crook
10pm News
10.25 Epilogue; Close
5.30pm Gippsland Teleclub
6.15 Annie Oakley
6.45 News, Weather
7pm BP Pick-A-Box
7.30 Maverick
8.30 The Untouchables
9.30 Interpol Calling
10pm News; Epilogue; Close