It is fair to say that Australian television has had a progressive approach to queer representation, dating back to 1970s serials Number 96, The Box and later Prisoner, when other countries were still barely touching on the subject.

While the AIDS crisis in the 1980s led to a regression in this representation, things started to improve in the ’90s (including the ABC series GP, pictured right).

The situation has now improved to the point where queer representation is seen as almost routine on any drama or reality series and in mainstream advertising, including Australian TV’s first same-sex married couple in Neighbours.

Number 96

But there is so much more to this history than many of us are even remotely aware of.

TV historian Andrew Mercado and Margee Brown have been putting together the full history of this journey for the past three years, and now through Documentary Australia are seeking funding assistance to develop the project into a fully fledged two-hour documentary supplemented by a podcast, an app and a book.

To make a donation and contribute to the project, click the link below or follow Andrew Mercado on Instagram @ lgbtaussietvhistory for further information.

Source: Documentary Australia

2 thoughts on “New doco to explore our LGBTQ TV journey

  1. Thanks for pointing out the project. I noted this week that BBC East Enders is going to feature a male on male rape storyline, well done here by our ABC in the 90s in the show you mentioned, GP.

  2. which station has LGBTQ in it – the one the government wants to close LONG LIVE C31 AND STUFF COMMERCIAL NETWORKS

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