7flix_0001During last night’s debut screening of mini-series Molly, the Seven Network unveiled its new channel, 7flix.

7flix, to broadcast on channel 76, debuts on Sunday 28 February. The channel promotes a heavy emphasis on movies with some TV titles thrown in — including Once Upon A Time, The Amazing Race, Grey’s Anatomy, The Muppets and Seinfeld. No mention of any Australian content making up the schedule.

Unlike recent channel launches 9Life and Food Network, Seven has not entered into a specific content arrangement for programming its new channel, instead just tapping into its existing program contracts.

At this point Seven’s major regional affiliate 7Prime (covering regional New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and the ACT) has advised its viewers that it has no current agreement to extend 7flix to its local markets.

samueljohnsonFor the first night of the official ratings season, as well as unveiling 7flix, it was a big night for Seven. Molly (starring Samuel Johnson, pictured, as Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum) topped the ratings with 1,793,000 viewers across the 5 cities, followed by My Kitchen Rules (1,399,000) and Seven News (1,068,000). Nine’s top programs for the night were Nine News (967,000), Australia’s Got Talent (884,000) and 60 Minutes (607,000). British drama Doc Martin (1,004,000) topped ABC’s night, followed by ABC News (867,000) and Vera (688,000). Ten’s best numbers last night came from I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! (600,000 and elimination 626,000), The X Files (556,000) and Modern Family (463,000).

With Seven NewsMy Kitchen Rules and Molly keeping viewers tuned to Seven for almost five hours, Seven Network recorded a network share of a huge 39.2%, followed by Nine (22.4%), ABC (17.9%), Ten (14.8%) and SBS (5.7%). Seven’s primary channel rated 34.4%, followed by Nine (15.0%), ABC (13.8%), Ten (10.7%) and SBS (4.3%).

Multi-channel results saw Nine’s GO top the list with 3.3%, followed by 7mate and One (2.7% each), 9Life (2.6%), ABC2 (2.3%), 7TWO (2.2%), Gem (1.6%), Eleven and ABC News 24 (1.4% each), SBS2 (0.7%), SBS Food (0.6%), ABC3 (0.4%) and NITV (0.1%).

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10 thoughts on “New channel 7flix debuts 28 February

  1. hi i live in wollongong we are not geting this station at the moment because prime is here channel 7 omg i hope we get it soon

  2. we live in Ettalong Beach and can not get the channel 76?
    we would like to get it so when do you think it will be available?
    Bob M

    1. Hi Bob if you’re in an area covered by Prime Television you may need to contact them with that question.

      Alternatively if you’re in a Seven Network coverage area your TV may be missing 76 if it is a few years old and possibly not capable of receiving MPEG4 channels, which includes 76, 78, 90 and 13.

  3. Please advise when 7Flix will be available on Riverina Wagga Wagga and on which Chanel, 64 or 76.
    Thank you Brian.

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