Brits ban ‘greedy’ Aussie soap stars
Magazine titles in the United Kingdom are banning Australian soap stars from their pages in protest at the large sums being asked for interviews and photo shoots. The editors of the magazines have written to the actors’ agents, complaining that some of the asking prices — some as high as $60,000 — have got out of hand. Former Neighbours star Dan Falzon has admitted that he and his agent have knocked back interviews in the past because money was not forthcoming, but the actor says he is reconsidering his position. “You need the publicity and it is better to keep the magazines as friends,” he told TV Week. Meanwhile, Lori Miles, editor of UK magazine TV Quick, said she was shocked when Kimberley Davies‘ (pictured) agent demanded $120,000 for a photo shoot. Davies’ London agent, Phil Dale, insists he never asked such a high figure but says that he would expect the magazines should pay for the actors’ services. “If the magazines want time out of these actors’ lives, they have to pay them,” he told TV Week. Meanwhile, the British government is cracking down on work permits for the annual pantomime season — where Aussie actors have been known to get paid up to $20,000 a week. Although Falzon and Davies were successful in negotiating permits for panto appearances, on the basis that they were “famous” enough, other stars such as Dieter Brummer and Natalie Imbruglia were denied permission. Former Neighbours star Scott Michaelson missed out on a role in the British soap Brookside after the government would not grant him a permit. The British backlash against the soapie stars is also penalising actors from other shows such as Blue Heelers. Lisa McCune, who recently toured the UK with co-star John Wood to promote the show, said they weren’t even being approached by magazines. “Some publications stayed away because they thought we wanted to get paid,” McCune told TV Week.

timferguson_0003Don’t forget your day job!
Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush host Tim Ferguson (pictured) is looking relaxed after taking his first holiday in 10 years, but is anticipating a busy year ahead. As well as the return of Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush, Ferguson and Nine are looking at other projects. Although a return date and timeslot has not yet been locked in for the show’s return, he is optimistic about Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush‘s future. “Professionally speaking, the show was really good,” he told TV Week. “Ratings-wise we had an uphill battle, but we knew it was going to be tricky.”

Daryl to host Logies
Hey Hey It’s Saturday‘s Daryl Somers has been announced as the host of the upcoming 38th annual TV Week Logie Awards. “It’s the third time I’ve hosted the Logies and I have fond memories of the past two occasions (1988 and 1991). I’m sure this will be just as memorable,” he told TV Week. The awards presentation will be held in April.


  • Last week it was reported that Rowena Wallace was approached about a role in the upcoming soap parody Shark Bay. Other names also believed to have approached include former soapie stars Zoe Bertram, Raelee Hill, Tina Thomsen and Alyssa-Jane Cook.
  • grahamkennedy_4In looking back at his career for TV Week‘s tribute to 40 years of television, Graham Kennedy (pictured) names an unusual career highlight — narrating the documentary series The Blainey View for ABC. “Of course, Channel 2 played the series at 9.30 on Sunday nights thus guaranteeing a zero audience. But it was very satisfying working alongside those documentary experts, like David Goldie and Chris Masters.”
  • ellemcfeast_0001On the eve of the return of her show McFeast, Elle McFeast (Lisbeth Gorr, pictured) was asked to predict the outcome of the upcoming federal election. “I’ll leave that to the voters,” she told TV Week. “A nation that has the Gladiators as one of its most popular shows will make the right decision. We’ll probably get someone called Vulcan for a prime minister.”

TV’s Top 20 (Week Commencing 4 February 1996): 

Rank Program Network Day(s) Viewers
1 Movie: Jag Seven Mon 2171000
2 The Great Outdoors Seven Tue 1829000
3 Better Homes And Gardens Seven Tue 1795000
4 National Nine News Nine Sun 1689000
5 Chicago Hope Seven Wed 1682000
6 National Nine News Nine M-F 1636000
7 The Mommies Seven Mon 1611000
8 Party Of Five Ten Sun 1608000
9 Ellen Seven Mon 1585000
10 Grace Under Fire Seven Thu 1572000
11 Blue Heelers Seven Tue 1539000
12 A Current Affair Nine M-F 1538000
13 Home And Away Seven M-F 1412000
14 National Nine News Nine Sat 1410000
15 The Simpsons Ten Wed 1388000
16 The Nanny Ten Sun 1387000
17 Sale Of The Century Nine M-F 1386000
18 Seven Nightly News Seven M-F 1356000
19 Movie: Mississippi Burning Ten Sun 1277000
20 Heartbeat ABC Sat 1248000

Program Highlights (Melbourne, February 27-March 1):
Saturday: Beyond 2000 (4.30pm, Ten) reports on the world’s first flying saucer being built in the Russian town of Saratov. The Ansett Australia Cup (8.30pm, Seven) features Hawthorn versus St Kilda, live from Waverley Park, Melbourne,

Sunday: In the lead up to next weekend’s federal election, The Debate: The Prime Minister Paul Keating Vs The Leader Of The Opposition, John Howard (7.30pm, ABC). Sunday night movies are Malice (repeat, Seven), Posse (Nine) and Unlawful Entry (repeat, Ten). The Cricket World Cup (11pm, Nine) features England versus South Africa, from Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Monday: In Water Rats (7.30pm, Nine), the shark-ravaged body of a champion ironman is washed up on the beach and a forensic examiner says he died of a heart attack, his body full of steroids. The Ansett Australia Cup (8.30pm, Seven) features Fitzroy versus Footscray.

tottiegoldsmith_0001Tuesday: The Cricket World Cup (8pm, Nine), featuring Australia versus India, is live from Bombay. In Blue Heelers (8.30pm, Seven), the inquest into the death of a notorious child killer is about to open and Nick (William McInnes) is the prime suspect. In Fire (9.30pm, Seven), Tex (Tottie Goldsmith, pictured) is forced to confront her future as a firie.

Wednesday: In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Shannon (Isla Fisher) discovers who her mother is. Ansett Australia Cup (8.30pm, Seven) features Collingwood versus Richmond. In Pacific Drive (11.15pm, Nine), Trey (Lloyd Morris) turns a dinner party into a nightmare; and Zoe (Libby Tanner) declares her passion for Callie (Danielle Spencer).

Thursday: In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Finlay (Tina Thomsen) comes home after calling off her engagement. The 38th Annual Grammy Awards (8.30pm, Seven), hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, are on delayed telecast from the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles. The Cricket World Cup (11pm, Nine) features Pakistan versus South Africa, from Karachi.

Friday: The Cricket World Cup (2.30pm to 6pm, 7pm to 10.15pm, Nine) features Australia versus Zimbabwe. In Neighbours (6.30pm, Ten), Stonie (Anthony Engelman) tries valiantly to impress a girl at university, but she only has eyes for Mal (Benjie McNair).

Source: TV Week (Melbourne edition), incorporating TV Times and TV Guide. 24 February 1996. Pacific Publications Pty Ltd.




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  1. Does anyone remember that show on channel ten it was a game like show with like kind of alien kind of stuff with humans it used to be on Saturdays

    1. I forget the name of the show. But I recall they had to do some obstacle course similar to gladiators and board some kind of spaceship before time ran out — otherwise they were left behind on the planet.

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