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On This Day — 17 February

17 February 1971: Bill Newman (Sound Of Music) 17 February 1973: Paul Hogan (A Current Affair) 17 February 1979: Geoffrey Davies and Robin Nedwell (Doctors Down Under) 17 February 1990: Dannii Minogue (Home And Away) and Johnny Depp 17 February 2001: Kym Valentine and Dan Paris (Neighbours) 17 February 2007: Amy Mizzi and Chris Hemsworth …

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Obituary: Grant Goldman

Grant Goldman, voice over announcer and radio presenter, has died at the age of 69. He had been diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2017. Starting his career at the age of 14, Goldman was a distinctive and familiar voice on radio, working at numerous radio stations including 2UE, 2WS, 2DAY, 2GB, 4IP, 3UZ and 5AD. …

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