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On This Day — 19 February

19 February 1972: Leonard Teale (Homicide) 19 February 1977: Grahame Bond and Rory O’Donoghue (The Off Show) 19 February 1994: Kym Wilson (Video Smash Hits) 19 February 2000: Libby Tanner (All Saints), Krista Vendy (Neighbours), Jane Allsop (Blue Heelers) 19 February 2005: Christie Hayes and Sam Atwell (Home And Away) 19 February 1979: Melbourne’s ATV0 …

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Classic TV Guides: Nothing on TV!

Back in the day, electricity restrictions triggered by industrial action were an occasional feature of life in Victoria. Various measures were applied to domestic, business and industrial premises to stem the widespread use of electricity to ensure the demand did not exceed the instantly limited supply. Among the measures applied to cut back household power …

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