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#039: Young Talent Time

Lots of cheesy smiles all round when Network Ten’s Young Talent Time hit 600 episodes in September 1984. Beginning with the smallest of budgets in 1971, Young Talent Time was an almost desperate attempt by Melbourne’s ATV0 to combat the popular Australian Rules football broadcasts on a Saturday evening — and lucky for them it became an instant hit. Sixties pop star Johnny Young mentored the ever-changing cast of hopeful youngsters, and some did go on to successful careers in Australia and overseas. Pictured here at the 600th celebration are (from left) Vince Del Tito, Lorena Novoa, Vanessa Windsor, Karen Dunkerton, Johnny Young, Danielle Minogue and Greg Poynton. The program continued until 1988. Picture: TV Week, 15 September 1984

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    • Neil Forbes on 7 February 2016 at 4:28 AM
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    As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, by the time this episode had gone to air, the rot had well and truly set in, A certain fast food franchise had exerted an undue influence on the style and content of the show, going back 5 or so years earlier. The dog with glasses puppet was part of that undue influence. It’s not surprising then, that former(and original)YTT member, Rod Kirkham felt a degree of embarrassment to see the show as it was in 1984, compared to how it was in 1971 to 1976 or so. From a 100% emphasis on Talent to a 99.9% emphasis on Cute Kiddies and just 0.1% on the talent…. sad!

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