Tuesday 26 January 1971 — BRISBANE

Source: TV Week, 23 January 1971

8AM 8.30am The Magic Circle Club
10AM 10.30am Play School 10am Good Morning. Dina Heslop 10am Here’s Humphrey 10am The Marvellous Munchkin Show
10.30 Owly’s School
11AM 11am Cricket: Fifth Test. England v Australia. Live from Melbourne Cricket Ground 11am Morning Star
11.30 My Name’s McGooley What’s Yours?
11am Romper Room
11.35 Divorce Court
11am Kindy
11.30 A Crook Affair
12PM 12pm Movie: Desperate Search. 1953 [IMDB] 12pm Movie: Summer Storm. 1946 [IMDB] 12pm Coronation Street
12.30 The Game Game
1PM 1.30pm For Schools: Physical Science
1.50 Cricket (cont’d)
1.30 Beauty And The Beast. John Laws 1pm Marshal Dillon
1.30 Movie: The Iron Major. 1943 [IMDB]
2PM 2.30 Temptation. Tony Barber, Barbara Rogers 2pm The Loretta Young Show 2.58 Just A Minute
3PM 3.50 Hubble Bubble 3pm Heartline. Haydn Sergeant 3pm General Hospital
3.25 Days Of Our Lives
3.50 Everybody In. Jim Iliffe
3pm Dr Kildare
4PM 4pm Cricket (cont’d) 4pm Huckleberry Hound
4.30 Tom And Jerry
4pm The Porky Pig Show
4.25 Mr Magoo
4.50 The Space Kidettes
4pm The Real McCoys
4.30 Mr Wizard
5PM 5pm Get Smart
5.30 I Dream Of Jeannie
5.05 The Littlest Hobo
5.35 The Samurai
5pm Thunderbirds
6PM 6.10 The Val Doonican Show
6.55 This Week In Britain
6pm News. Mike Higgins, Dina Heslop
6.30 Mister Ed
6pm News. Don Seccombe, Del Ward, Annette Allison
6.30 I’ve Got A Secret. Don Seccombe
6pm Petticoat Junction
6.30 That Girl
7PM  7pm ABC News
7.30 His Excellency The Governor-General’s Australia Day Message
7.40 Cilla
7pm From A Bird’s Eye View
7.30 Homicide
7pm The Mary Tyler Moore Show
7.30 The Champions
7pm Animal World
7.30 Special: The Goon Show — The Tales Of Men’s Shirts
8PM  8.30 The Doctors
8.55 Portrait
8.30 Movie: Divorce Italian Style. 1962 [IMDB] 8.30 Movie: La Dolce Vita. 1961 [IMDB] 8pm Special: The Dustbinmen — All You Need Is Love
8.30 Movie: Forbidden Rapture [IMDB]
9PM  9.45 ABC News
9.50 Special Branch
10PM  10.40 The Restless Years 10.30 Shane 10pm Special: Ice Hockey
11PM  11.40 Close 11.30 Close 11.40 The Loretta Young Show 11pm Bat Masterson
11.30 Close
12AM  12.10am Close