Monday 14 July 1975 — SYDNEY

Source: TV Week, 12 July 1975

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7AM 7am The Super Flying Fun Show 7am Wild Kingdom (B&W)
7.30 Marine Boy
8AM 8am Sesame Street 8am Marvel Superheroes
8.30 Movie: All For Mary. 1956 (B&W) [IMDB]
9AM 9am For Schools: Science Education Project (B&W)
9.30 Play School
9am Here’s Humphrey
10AM 10am For Schools: Scan, Children Of The World (B&W), Discovering Science (B&W), British Social History (B&W), Looking At France 10am Romper Room 10am As The World Turns
10.30 Federal File (Rpt)
10am Switched On Living
10.15 Yoga
10.30 Religious Program
10.35 Movie: Peace For A Gunfighter. 1965 [IMDB]
11AM 11am Morning Market
11.02 Return To Peyton Place
11.30 Until Tomorrow (B&W)
11am Dinah
12PM 12pm Movie: Guns Of Darkness. 1962 (B&W) [IMDB] 12pm The Young And The Restless
12.30 General Hospital
12pm The Mike Walsh Show
1PM 1pm ABC News
1.10 Weekend Magazine (Rpt)
1.30 For Schools: Children Of The World (B&W), Exploration Man, Engineering Craft Studies
1.57 A Woman’s Angle 1pm Days Of Our Lives 1.30 Pot Of Gold
2PM 2pm Name That Tune. Tony Barber
2.30 High Rollers. Garry Meadows
2pm Another World
2.55 News
2.30 The Mothers-In-Law
3PM 3.15 Flowerpot Men (B&W)
3.30 Play School (B&W)
3pm The Man From UNCLE 3pm Search For Tomorrow
3.30 Spending Spree. Jimmy Hannan
3pm Matlock Police (B&W)
4PM 4pm Sesame Street 4pm Flipper
4.25 The World Around Us
4.30 The Partridge Family
4pm Cartoon Corner. Daryl Somers, Ossie Ostrich
4.55 Alfie
4pm The Porky Pig Show
4.30 Ripcord
5PM 5pm Adventure Island (B&W)
5.25 The Wombles
5.35 Forest Rangers
5pm My Three Sons (B&W)
5.30 The Flintstones
5pm Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (B&W) 5pm Daniel Boone
6PM 6pm My Favourite Martian
6.25 GTK
6.40 Bellbird
6.55 Take Kerr
6pm Get Smart
6.30 Seven National News. Roger Climpson
6pm Celebrity Squares. Jimmy Hannan
6.30 News Centre Nine. Brian Henderson, Peter Hitchener
6pm Eyewitness News. Eric Walters, Brian Bury
6.30 Hogan’s Heroes
7PM  7pm ABC News
7.30 This Day Tonight. Iain Finlay
7pm Bewitched
7.30 Cash And Company
7pm A Current Affair
7.30 Division 4
7pm Gomer Pyle
7.30 Emergency
8PM  8pm The Inventors
8.30 News Headlines
8.35 Monday Conference
8.30 Love Thy Neighbour 8.30 Movie: The Robe. 1953 [IMDB] 8.30 Number 96
9PM  9.30 Cricket: First Test. England v Australia 9pm Police Woman 9pm The Benny Hill Show
10PM  10.30 ABC News, Weather
10.40 (not advised)
10pm Star Soccer 10.55 In Concert 10pm D’Arcy And Power In Session
10.30 Movie: Dark Passage. 1947 (B&W) [IMDB]
11PM  11.10 Cricket (cont’d) 11pm World Championship Golf
12AM  12.10am Close 12am Close 12.25am Viewpoint
12.30 Close
12.20am Close