Saturday 13 December 1975 — MELBOURNE

The Federal Election — barely a month after the controversial dismissal of the Whitlam Government — gets coverage across all networks.

Source: Listener In-TV, 13 December 1975

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8AM 8am Cartoons
8.20 Movie: Dimples. 1936 (B&W) [IMDB]
8am Jungle Jim (B&W) 8am Cartoon Carnival
9AM 9.30 The Osmonds 9am Gazula — The Amicable Monster (B&W)
9.30 Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea
9.30 Rock ‘N Roll Circus. Ray Burgess
10AM 10am Sound Unlimited. Donnie Sutherland 10.30 Spiderman 10.30 Animal Kingdom (B&W)
11AM 11am Rawhide (B&W) 11am Movie: Three Little Girls In Blue. 1946 (B&W) [IMDB]
12PM 12pm Countdown (Rpt)
12.55 Sportsview
12pm Movie: The Long Long Trailer. 1954 [IMDB] 12pm Wrestling 12.40pm Movie: Follow The Sun. 1951 (B&W) [IMDB]
1PM 1pm Motor Racing: Graham Hill 1pm Wide World Of Sport
2PM 2pm Cricket: Second Test. Australia v West Indies. Live from Perth 2pm Cricket: Second Test. Australia v West Indies. Live from Perth 2pm Golf: Florida Citrus Open 2.20 Movie: Rose Of Cimarron. 1952 (B&W) [IMDB]
3PM 3.30 Movie: The Uncle. 1964 (B&W) [IMDB]
4PM 4pm Sportsnight
4.40 Cricket (cont’d)
4pm What In The World. Sandy Palmer, Gary Carvolth
4.30 Junior Jury. Noel O’Connor
5PM 5pm Look Listen Laugh And Learn. Penny Spence
5.30 Shang A Lang
5pm Young World. Warwick Rankin
5.30 Me And The Chimp
6PM 6.30 Seven National News. David Johnston, Peter Landy 6pm News Centre 9. Brian Smith, Bert Bryant
6.30 Thrillseekers
6pm Eyewitness News. Brad Smart, Clem Dimsey
6.30 Special: 1975 TV Week King Of Pop Awards. Joe Hasham (Rpt)
7PM  7pm ABC News. John Amies
7.15 Cricket (cont’d)
7pm Cricket (cont’d) 7.30 Cannon 7.30 Emergency
8PM  8.30 Election 75. Live from Canberra. Michael Schildberger, Fred Daly, Bill Snedden, Bob Hawke, Alan Reid, John Singleton, Peter Harvey, Tony Ward, Gerald Stone 8.30 Eyewitness Election 75. Live from Canberra. Eric Walters, Phil De Montignie, Iain Gillespie    
9PM  9pm Election 75. Live from Canberra. Ken Begg, Richard Carleton, Noel Norton, Dr Victor Prescott   9pm Decisions 75. Live from Canberra. Laurie Wilson, Max Walsh, Michael Willesee, David Johnston, Dan Webb, Brian Anderson. Includes Tattslotto at 9.30. 
11PM  11.45 Late News. Brian Naylor
12AM  12.15am Close 12.05am Decisions 75 (cont’d)
(Close time not advised)
1AM    1am Close
2AM  2am Epilogue
2.05 Close