Friday 8 March 1974 — MELBOURNE

Bert Newton hosts the TV Week Logie Awards, live from the Southern Cross Hotel, Melbourne. International guests include Gina Lollobrigida, David Cassidy and MacDonald Carey.

The cast of the 0-10 Network series Number 96 had come from Sydney to Melbourne by train (“The Spirit Of 96”) to attend the Logies, making stops along the way to meet crowds of fans. ATV0 presented a half-hour special in the morning to cover the cast’s arrival at Melbourne’s Spencer Street Station.

ATV0, despite not being the Logies broadcaster, promised a half-hour coverage of the Logie Awards after party at the Southern Cross.

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Source: TV Times, 2 March 1974

7AM 7am Today 7am The Super Flying Fun Show 7am Cartoon Carnival
8AM 8am Sesame Street 8.30 Romper Room
9AM 9am Close
9.10 For Schools: Making A Musical, Behind The News
9.50 Play School
9am Dina And Percy 9am Here’s Humphrey 9.30 Movie: A Home Of Your Own [IMDB]
10AM 10.20 For Schools: Physical Science Study Course, Form 3 Maths, Watch, Interaction 10am Movie: Viva Zapata! 1952 [IMDB] 10am Play Your Hunch. Del Ward
10.30 Good Morning Vi. Vi Greenhalf
10.32 What’s My Line?
10.30 Special: Arrival Of The Spirit Of 96
11AM 11am Peyton Place
11.30 A Current Affair (Rpt)
11am The Roy Hampson Show
12PM 12.35pm Weekend Magazine (Rpt) 12pm Homicide (Rpt) 12pm Days Of Our Lives
12.55 News. Tanya Halesworth
12pm Number 96 (Rpt)
12.30 The Doctors
1PM 1pm ABC News
1.20 For Schools: Behind The News, Secondary Social Science, New Horizons: Your Verdict, Watch, Pigs
1pm Crossroads
1.30 Concentration
1pm No Man’s Land. Tanya Halesworth
1.30 Marcus Welby MD
1pm The Price Is Right
2PM 2pm Temptation 2.30 General Hospital 2pm The Mike Walsh Show
3PM 3.15 Andy Pandy
3.30 Play School
3pm Emergency Line 3pm Spending Spree
3.30 The Godfathers
3.30 The Detectives
4PM 4pm Adventure Island
4.30 Sesame Street
4pm Do It With Ian Buckland 4pm Cartoon Corner 4pm The Wotsaname Show
4.05 The Fun Palace. Includes Mr Magoo, The Three Stooges
5PM 5.25 Squiggle
5.30 Cartoons
5.40 Lassie
5pm The Beverly Hillbillies
5.30 The Partridge Family
5pm The Adventures Of Superman
5.30 The Bugs Bunny Show
5pm Daniel Boone
6PM 6.05 Doctor Who
6.30 Rollin’ On The River
6.55 ’74
6pm Bewitched
6.30 Seven National News. Brian Naylor, David Johnston, Michelle Downes
6pm Gambit. Peter Hitchener
6.30 National Nine News. John Bailey, Brian Smith, Rosemary Margan
6pm Eyewitness News. Ralphe Neill, Clem Dimsey
6.30 Hogan’s Heroes
7PM  7pm ABC News
7.26 Weather
7.30 This Day Tonight. Bill Peach
7pm $25,000 Great Temptation
7.30 The Morecambe And Wise Show
7pm A Current Affair. Mike Minehan
7.30 Hawaii Five-0
7pm The Price Is Right. Garry Meadows
7.30 Matlock Police
8PM  8pm Special: The Life Game. Part One 8.30 Seven National News. Brian Naylor, Michelle Downes 8.30 Special: The 1974 TV Week Logie Awards. Bert Newton. Live from Southern Cross Hotel, Melbourne 8.30 Number 96
9PM  9.15 ABC News, Weather
9.20 Special: The Life Game. Part Two
9pm The Julie Andrews Hour 9pm The Box
9.30 Movie: Frankenstein. 1969 [IMDB]
10PM  10.30 ABC News, Weather
10.40 Sow What. Kevin Heinze
10.55 Super Snooker. Norman May
10pm In Concert 10pm Movie: High Sierra. 1941 [IMDB]
11PM  11.25 Close 11.30 News
11.40 Movie: Trap For Cinderella. 1965 [IMDB]
11.50 News
11.55 Movie: Platinum Blonde. 1932 [IMDB]
11.20 Special: Logie Awards After Party. Live from Southern Cross Hotel
11.50 News
12AM  12am The Mike Walsh Show (Rpt)
1AM  1.40am Close 1.30 Weather; Close
2AM  2.05am Epilogue
2.10 Close