Monday 2 May 1988 — BRISBANE

The debut of Seven’s breakfast news and finance program TVAM, presented by John Barton and Kay McGrath

Source: The Sunday Mail / Scene On TV, 1 May 1988

6AM 6.30am Learning Network 6am TVAM. John Barton, Kay McGrath PREMIERE 6am 6AM
6.30 Business Today
6am The Real Ghostbusters
6.30 Eyewitness News
7AM 7am Robo Story
7.30 The Comic Strip
7.52 Today’s Special
7.30 Boris’ Breakfast Club 7am Today 7am Good Morning Australia. Live from World Expo 88
8AM 8.20 Sesame Street 8.55 Community Noticeboard
9AM 9.20 Parental Guidance Recommended
9.30 Play School
9am Romper Room
9.30 Coronation Street
9am Here’s Humphrey 9am Living. Ian Skippen, Leigh Muirhead
10AM 10am For Schools: Words And Pictures, Advanced Level Studies, Rockschool, Channel 12345, The Colonials, Flip Slide Turn 10am The Onedin Line 10am Another World 10am Fat Cat And Friends
10.30 Eyewitness News
11AM 11am Eleven AM 11am Loving
11.30 National Nine News
11am Fantasy Island
12PM 12pm EastEnders 12pm Movie: An Invisible Woman. 1983 [IMDB] 12pm Midday With Ray Martin 12pm Santa Barbara
1PM 1pm For Schools: Staying In Touch, Hunter, A New World (For Sure), How We Used To Live, The Australian Eye 1.30 Days Of Our Lives 1pm The Bold And The Beautiful
1.30 Movie: Miss All American Beauty. 1982 [IMDB]
1.55pm Bicentennial Diary
2PM 2pm Quincy ME 2.30 The Young And The Restless 2pm Motor Cycling: World 500CC Championships. Highlights
3PM 3pm Sesame Street
3.55 Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends
3pm Bewitched
3.30 Tom And Jerry
3.30 General Hospital 3.30 Charlie & Co 3pm TV Ed
4PM 4pm Play School
4.30 Stop At This Station
4pm Wombat
4.30 Lassie
4pm C’mon Kids 4pm Ridgey Didge 4pm Vox Populi (Rpt)
4.30 Kaleidoscope
5PM 5pm Grange Hill
5.30 The Mysterious Cities Of Gold
5pm Wheel Of Fortune
5.30 Press Your Luck
5pm Rugby League: Winfield State League. Wynnum Manly v Norths. Highlights 5pm MASH
5.30 Perfect Match
5pm Oshin (Japan)
5.30 Brookside
6PM 6pm The Goodies
6.30 EastEnders
6pm Home And Away
6.30 Seven Nightly News
6pm National Nine News
6.30 A Current Affair. Jana Wendt
6pm Eyewitness News. Rob Readings, Chris Collins 6pm The Noise
6.30 World News
7PM  7pm ABC News
7.30 The 7.30 Report
7pm Carroll At Seven
7.30 A Country Practice
7pm Sale Of The Century. Tony Barber, Alyce Platt
7.30 The Cosby Show
7pm Neighbours
7.30 Tour Of Duty
7pm Sport Report
7.30 The Story Of English
8PM  8pm Never The Twain
8.30 Yes Prime Minister
8.30 Mini-Series: The Fortunate Pilgrim. Part Two [IMDB] 8pm A Different World
8.29 Exposay
8.30 Movie: Reckless. 1984 [IMDB]
8.30 Movie: Moscow On The Hudson. 1984 [IMDB] 8.30 Tass Is Authorised To Announce (USSR)
9PM  9pm Four Corners. Andrew Olle
9.45 The Tracey Ullman Show
9.30 Tonight With Paul Murphy
10PM  10.15 The World Tonight. Richard Palfreyman
10.45 The Horse In Sport
10.30 Graham Kennedy’s News Show. Graham Kennedy, Ken Sutcliffe 10.45 Late Night Australia. Don Lane 10pm Architecture At The Crossroads
10.45 My Uncles Told Me (Yugoslavia)
11PM  11.40 Dream Stuffing 11.20 Newsworld 11.30 Soap 11.45 Entertainment This Week
12AM  12.05am Close 12am News Overnight: 12am Today (NBC), 2am Daybreak (CNN), 4am Newsworld (Rpt), 5am Daywatch (CNN)
(Continues to 6am)
12am Spenser For Hire 12.45am Close 12am Bicentennial Diary
12.05 Close
1AM  1am Shadow Chasers
2AM  2am Movie: The 11th Victim. 1979 [IMDB]
3AM  3.45 Movie: Yellowstone Kelly. 1959 [IMDB]
5AM  5.25 Space Angel
(Continues to 6am)