Saturday 1 January 1972 — MELBOURNE

The third episode of Nine’s experimental pop music series Fly, Wrinklys, Fly which ended up being its last.

Classic TV Guides: Fly Wrinklys Fly [2022]

Source: TV Week, 1 January 1972. TV Times, 1 January 1972

6AM (Movie Marathon continues)
7AM 7am Playroom
7.30 Here’s Humphrey
7am Building Today. Murray Jones
8AM 8.30am Cartoons 8.30 Hey Hey It’s Saturday. Daryl Somers, Peter McKenna 8am Happening ’72. Jeff Phillips
10AM 10am Movies: Northwest Stampede. 1948 [IMDB]; Lucy Gallant. 1955 [IMDB]
11AM 11.30 Reg Lindsay’s Country Music Hour
12PM 12.30pm Will Sonnet
12.55 Sportsview
12.30pm World Championship Wrestling. Wayne Kirby 12pm Racing: Hanging Rock New Year Races
12.30 Motor Racing: Phillip Island Practice
12.45 Form Guide
1PM 1pm Tennis: Australian Open. Live from Kooyong, Melbourne 1pm Tennis: Australian Open. Live from Kooyong, Melbourne. Includes Horse Racing from Flemington. 1.30 Movie: Golden Hands Of Kurigal. 1956 [IMDB] 1pm Motor Racing: Phillip Island Practice
3PM 3.59 Cricket: Third International. Australia v World XI. Live from the Melbourne Cricket Ground 3.40 Cricket: Australia v World XI. Live from the Melbourne Cricket Ground 3.30 Racing: Flemington Daily Double 3pm Racing: Flemington Daily Double. Includes live crosses to Phillip Island and Hanging Rock
4PM 4.30 Sporting Results
5PM 5pm Bandstand: The 1971 Bandstand Awards. Brian Henderson 5pm Hee Haw
6PM 6.10 Catweazle
6.35 Laurel And Hardy
6.55 Weather
6pm Seven National News. David Johnston, Bill Collins
6.30 Riptide
6pm National Nine News. Peter Smith, Bert Bryant
6.30 Fly Wrinklys Fly FINAL
6pm 0 Melbourne News. Wayne Tregaskis, Peter Sharp
6.30 Daniel Boone
7PM  7pm ABC News. Bob Willcox
7.30 Special: Edinburgh Military Tattoo 1971
7.30 Special: The Guinness Book Of Records — The Record Makers 7.30 Special: The Tim Conway Show 7.30 Felony Squad
8PM  8.30 Penthouse Club. Michael Williamson, Mary Hardy 8.30 Spyforce 8.30 Movie: Jessica. 1962 [IMDB]
9PM  9pm The Ealing Comedies 9.30 Movie: My Dear Secretary. 1948 [IMDB]
10PM  10.15 Take Three Girls 10.30 News. Ron Alderton
10.40 Movie: Dead Of Night. 1946 [IMDB]
11PM  11.05 Girl In A Black Bikini
11.30 Close
11.15 Late News
11.30 Movie: The Little Nuns. 1965 [IMDB]
11.25 News
11.30 Gideon’s Way
12AM  12.30am Epilogue
12.40 Close
12.30am Weather
12.32 Close
1AM  1.15am Close