20 February 1971: Bert Newton (Australia’s New Faces) and Patti McGrath

20 February 1982: Jacki Weaver and John Waters

20 February 2010: Bernard Curry, Lincoln Lewis, Jodi Gordon, Todd Lasance (Home And Away)

20 February 1965: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh arrives in Canberra for an Australian tour. The ABC and Nine networks present joint coverage of the Duke’s arrival and were also telecast partners for various ceremonies to follow in Canberra and Sydney over the course of the week. Both the ABC and Nine broadcasts were relayed to Melbourne via coaxial cable. ABC’s coverage was also relayed to Queensland via microwave link.

20 February 1970: The opening ceremony of the Overseas Telecommunications Commission’s (OTC) satellite receiving station in Ceduna, South Australia, marked the launch of a direct satellite link from Australia to the United Kingdom and Europe. The special broadcast, introduced by ABC newsreader James Dibble, featured a 10-minute live cross from the United Kingdom.

20 February 1991: ABC presents a 90-minute documentary, One Australia?, a study on racism and multiculturalism in Australia and asking whether cohesion in our society can be achieved while maintaining diversity.


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