Saturday 20 February 1965 — SYDNEY

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh arrives in Canberra for an Australian tour. The ABC and Nine networks present joint coverage of the Duke’s arrival and were also telecast partners for various ceremonies to follow in Canberra and Sydney over the course of the week.

Both the ABC and Nine broadcasts were relayed to Melbourne via coaxial cable. ABC’s coverage was also relayed to Queensland via microwave link.

Source: TV Week, 20 February 1965.

7AM 7.30am Special: Arrival Of The Duke Of Edinburgh In Canberra 7.30am Special: Arrival Of Duke Of Edinburgh In Canberra
8AM 8.30 Close 8am Summer Science School
8.30 Breakfast With Penny. Penny Spence
9AM 9am Television Tutorial 9am Playroom
9.30 Brian Howard’s Sportsview
10AM 10.30 Test Pattern, Music 10am Clarence The Clocker
10.30 Focus On Sport
11AM 11.30 Just Folk 11.20 Yoga. Roma Blair
11.30 Focus On Sport
12PM 12pm Romper Room. Miss Susan 12pm World Championship Wrestling
1PM 1pm Movie: Man In The White Suit. 1952 [IMDB] 1pm The Land Of Make Believe 1pm Handy Andy And Joe The Gadget Man
1.30 Open House. Roy Acuff
1.55 Flying High
2PM 2.30 Sportsview 2pm The Roller Game
3PM 3pm National Top 40. Ron Brady
3.30 Sport. Rex Mossop
3pm Movie: The Night The World Exploded [IMDB]
4PM 4.30 Movie: Terror On A Train [IMDB] 4pm Your Hit Parade
4.30 Saturday Date. Jimmy Hannan
5PM 5.30 Cartoon Time 5.30 Black Saddle
6PM 6pm Teen Scene. Johnny Chester
6.35 Sports Review
6.50 This Week In Britain
6.55 Weather
6pm News, Weather
6.30 Wyatt Earp
6pm News, Weather
6.30 Bandstand. Brian Henderson
7PM  7pm ABC News
7.10 The Wayne And Shuster Show
7pm Hennessey
7.30 The Big Show
7.30 Rawhide
8PM  8pm Four Corners
8.45 Special: Arrival Of The Duke Of Edinburgh In Canberra (Rpt)
8.55 Movie: Double Cross [IMDB]
8.30 Homicide 8.28 News Headlines
8.30 Project 65
9PM  9.30 Movie: Philadelphia Story. 1941 [IMDB] 9.28 News Headlines
9.30 No Hiding Place
10PM  10.05 Oxford 10.30 World Championship Wrestling
11PM  11pm Close 11.30 Close 11.30 Close