3 September 1977: Michael Beecher, Alfred Sandor, Cornelia Frances (The Young Doctors)

3 September 1988: Justine Clarke (Home And Away)

3 September 1994: Deborah Hutton (Looking Good)

3 September 2005: Ella Scott Lynch and Chris Hemsworth (Home And Away)

3 September 1979: Simon Townsend’s Wonder World debuts on Ten in Sydney, with Melbourne’s ATV0 following a week later with the show eventually on stations covering much of the rest of Australia. The magazine show aimed at children was an ideal fit for the newly-launched “C” classification mandated for commercial networks between 4.00 and 5.00pm. The show continued for over 2000 episodes, running until 1987.

3 September 1990: Tonight Live With Steve Vizard starts a week of shows presented live from London.

3 September 1992: Sydney radio personality Doug Mulray hosts the special Australia’s Naughtiest Home Video Show, featuring some of the risqué tapes that are too naughty to feature in the family-friendly Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show. The show caused an uproar from none higher than Nine chairman Kerry Packer, who bluntly demanded Nine take the show off-air while still in progress. Although Packer died in 2005, it wasn’t until 2008 that Nine broadcast a largely-unedited version of the show, taking into account that some of Mulray’s dialogue from 1992 would not fly with a more modern audience.

3 September 2008: The comedy series Very Small Business, starring Wayne Hope and Kim Gyngell, debuts on ABC.

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