On This Day — 18 August

18 August 1962: Graham Kennedy (In Melbourne Tonight)

18 August 1973: Bill Peach (This Day Tonight)

18 August 1979: Peter Lochran (The Young Doctors)

18 August 1979: Steven Tandy, Norman Yemm, Richard Morgan (The Sullivans)

18 August 1990: Rebekah Elmaloglou (Home And Away)

18 August 2001: Kimberley Cooper and Kate Ritchie (Home And Away)

18 August 2007: Lisa McCune (Sea Patrol)

18 August 1991: Nine presents the debut of two-part mini-series Golden Fiddles, starring Cameron Daddo, Rachel Friend, John Bach, Kate Nelligan, Pippa Grandison, David Reyne (pictured) and Adriana Xenides. Golden Fiddles tells the story of the struggles of the Balfour family during the depression of the 1920s, and the news which could offer them a happy and prosperous future.

18 August 1996: Four Corners (ABC) presents a special edition to celebrate its 35th anniversary.

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