31 July 1966: Roger Cardwell, Gail Spiro, Penny Ramsey, Bobo The Clown, Michele Kenny (Romper Room), Paul Griffiths (SAS10, Adelaide)

31 July 1971: Johnny Young (Young Talent Time)

31 July 1976: Norman Gunston (Garry McDonald, The Norman Gunston Show)

31 July 1999: Kristy Wright (Home And Away)

31 July 2010: Adam Liaw and Callum Hann (MasterChef Australia)

31 July 1958: Afternoon shows were aimed at mums (Your Home, Thursday At One, Woman’s World, Cookery News) and kids (Captain Fortune, Desmond And The Channel Ninepins, Kindergarten Playtime and Children’s TV Club), and later in the night Keith Walshe hosted Australia’s first tonight show, Sydney Tonight.

31 July 1965: TV Spells Magic, the opening night musical special that commemorated the opening of Sydney’s TEN10 back in April, is shown on Adelaide’s just-launched SAS10.

31 July 1988: Former ABC journalist Kerry O’Brien hosts Network Ten‘s new Sunday morning current affairs/interview program, Face To Face.

31 July 1998: Children’s entertainment group The Wiggles debut their new 13-episode self-titled TV series, screening weekly on the Seven Network on Friday afternoons with a replay on Saturday mornings.

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