The building that was home to NWS9, Adelaide’s first TV station, is being demolished.

Former Nine presenters Michael Smyth and Keith Conlon have this week both tweeted images of the building being knocked down.

The NWS9 studios on Tynte Street, North Adelaide, were opened in September 1959. The station’s launch was delayed as a fire had destroyed major sections of the construction only a couple of months earlier.

The demolition, which is also to include the station’s former antenna tower, is set to make way for a multi-storey apartment complex.

The former studios hosted many programs for Nine not just for Adelaide but for national audiences: Adelaide Tonight, The Country And Western Hour, The Jackpot Game, The Channel Niners, Here’s Humphrey, The Curiosity Show, C’mon Kids, Postcards, Christmas pantomimes, 30 years of telethons and over 50 years of news broadcasts.

Nine moved to its new premises on Pirie Street, in Adelaide’s CBD, in 2015.

Source: Michael Smyth, Keith Conlon. Miracle On Tynte Street: The Channel Nine Story, Wakefield Press, 1996.

2 thoughts on “Former Nine Adelaide studios being demolished

  1. There goes another piece of our history…when will learn by our mistakes..we have become nothing more then a concrete city & it is just concrete there isn’t a skill to be seen…shame on you for killing our history for the sake of your dollar.

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