shirleystrachanIt’s January already, and that means Rage is digging through the ABC archives for its traditional month of Saturday night classics.

The month kicks off tonight (Saturday) at 11.20pm with four episodes of Countdown plus two episodes of Rock Arena. The playlist also includes a 1976 ABC station promo featuring Skyhooks‘ Shirley Strachan, due to air after 5.00am.

COUNTDOWN September 28th, 1980
COUNTDOWN December 14th, 1986
ROCK ARENA April 25th, 1987
COUNTDOWN July 24th, 1983
COUNTDOWN May 6th, 1984

ROCK ARENA July 7th, 1984

CHARLES BRADLEY Changes (Daptone)
TUXEDO The Right Time (Kaytranada Remix) (Stones Throw / Inertia)
SHIRLEY STRACHAN ABC TV Summer Ident, 1976 (Rage)
SHIRLEY STRACHAN Mr Summer (Festival)
SHERBET Summer Love (Festival)
MONDO ROCK Summer Of 81 (Polydor)
BRYAN ADAMS Summer Of ’69 (Festival)
THE STYLE COUNCIL Long Hot Summer (Polydor)

Rage Retro Month, 11.20pm Tonight, 2 January, and continues every Saturday night/Sunday morning in January. ABC

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3 thoughts on “Rage Retro Month kicks off

  1. SHERBET Summer Love (Festival)? Sorry! This is wrong. Sherbet’s “Summer Love” was issued on the EMI label as EMI-10709 in early 1975. It was the ONLY track Sherbet ever recorded with EMI before returning to Festival, where five more singles appeared on the Infinity label, then, in 1977 their singles and LPs were being issued through their own “Razzle” label.

  2. I should correct the above by saying it was one of only two tracks for EMI, the other track being the flip-side of issue # EMI-10709.

  3. Good to see the countdown episodes on rage By 1983 the show went through a complete make over new theme tune new graphics and for the first time no audience they had one every fortnight if I can remember

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