stevemummerytelethontvw7_telethon_68Telethon has been an annual tradition for Seven in Perth for almost 50 years, raising $179 million for local charities and children’s medical research since its inception in 1968 (pictured right).

Now, the telethon has a street named in its honour — Telethon Avenue, located near Wellington Parade in the city. It’s the culmination of an 18-month campaign which has had the support of prominent Western Australians — including Perth Mayor Lisa Scaffidi, health researcher Fiona Stanley, philanthropist Janet Holmes a Court and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop — but Telethon only became aware of the signage when it was spotted by one of their staffers.

Telethon chief executive Steve Mummery told The West Australian that “we are very honoured to have been recognised this way for a charity that’s a bit of an institution.”

This year’s Telethon will take place over the weekend of 17 and 18 October at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. It will be broadcast across Western Australia through TVW Seven in Perth and GWN7 in regional areas.

Source: The West Australian, Telethon




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