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Brown set for Blue Murder with Sweet
Gary Sweet will be back on the Seven Network for more Cody telemovies but has also signed on for a role on ABC‘s upcoming two-part mini-series, Blue Murder. Sweet will play Sydney criminal Christopher Dale Flannery. “The fact that it’s topical and a look at the low-life of the Eighties, makes it more interesting,” he told TV Week. “It’s also exciting to be reunited with director Michael Jenkins, who I’ve worked with before.” Negotiations are continuing for Bryan Brown to sign on for the project. Blue Murder also stars Tony Martin (E Street, Heartbreak High) and Steve Bastoni (Police Rescue).

The new avengers
ABC‘s consumer affairs program The Investigators has been revamped as it returns for the new year. Joining Helen Wellings and Inga Johansen will be new reporters Sean Murphy, Katrina Byers, Ros Thomas and ABC radio broadcaster Jon Faine. The show will feature new segments, including We Fixed It, Consumer Watch, Law Watch, Product Watch and Money Watch. Wellings has told TV Week that the need for a show like The Investigators has not waned. “We are basically a consumer affairs bureau. We are still getting our 500 complaints every week. That shows that people really need help. They need that guidance and support that we offer, because they don’t have anywhere else to go.”

damianwalshehowlingAdam’s AIDS scare
Damian Walshe-Howling (pictured) is set for his first major Blue Heelers storyline since joining the series. His character, Adam Cooper, has to deal with the possibility that he may be HIV positive. In a story spanning three episodes, Cooper is bitten by a man he is trying to arrest. He thinks little of the incident at first but later finds out that the man is HIV positive. He is faced with a three month wait to find out if he has the virus.


  • Brett Swain, the actor who plays criminal Mal Hennessey in Janus, will soon be appearing in Blue Heelers. This time he is on the right side of the law, playing Detective Senior-Constable Stewart Walsh in a guest appearance.
  • Elle Macpherson‘s sister Mimi is being pursued by the Nine Network and one of the pay TV providers. A guest appearance on Burke’s Backyard has led to her being offered an ongoing role with the show but a deal is still being negotiated to incorporate both Burke’s Backyard and pay TV commitments.
  • Steve Jacobs was truly surprised when his show Just Kidding reached the top of the ratings during 1994. “It’s a dream,” he told TV Week. “To top those shows like 60 Minutes and ACA, well, it’s just pretty ridiculous, isn’t it? I always thought it would work, but I never thought it would take off like this.” Jacobs and co-host Sofie Formica have already taped their episodes of Just Kidding for the year, freeing up both for other projects.
  • 60 Minutes reporter Charles Wooley says that despite his recent interview with former prime minister Bob Hawke and companion Blanche d’Alpuget, he would prefer not to be involved in chequebook journalism but concedes it’s a reality of the business. “It’s corporate money, it was a hard-headed investment by the Nine Network management. I didn’t even know how much was invested — still don’t,” he told TV Week. “I do suspect in terms of the ratings, the money accrued in revenue made for a cheap investment. Nine could not have afforded to see that story go to air on another network. And they certainly wouldn’t want Neil Mercer, whose show (Today Tonight) is obviously struggling already, to have a free kick.”

TV’s Top 20 (Week Commencing 5 February): 

Rank Program Network Day(s) Viewers
1 National Nine News Nine Sun 2212000
2 The Simpsons Ten Wed 1667000
3 The Nanny Ten Wed 1633000
4 A Current Affair Nine M-F 1610000
5 National Nine News Nine M-F 1597000
6 The Great Outdoors Seven Tue 1456000
7 Wild Life Nine Thu 1455000
8 The X Files Ten Wed 1448000
9 Better Homes And Gardens Seven Tue 1411000
10 National Nine News Nine Sat 1376000
11 Baywatch Ten Sun 1362000
12 Mad About You Ten Tue 1348000
13 Seinfeld Ten Tue 1328000
14 Movie: Outrageous Fortune Seven Sun 1294000
15 Seven Nightly News Seven M-F 1261000
16 Talk To The Animals Seven Sun 1246000
17 Sale Of The Century Nine T,W 1226000
18 SeaQuest DSV Ten Sun 1187000
19 The Byrds Of Paradise Ten Mon 1164000
20 The Hypnotic World Of Paul McKenna Seven Sun 1152000

Darren Devlyn: The View From Here:

“(Rebecca) Gibney is outstanding in Halifax fp, which is certain to be one of the most compelling pieces of Australian television this year. While Gibney has proven dramatic and comedic abilities in projects such as Come In Spinner, The Flying Doctors and All Together Now, the Halifax fp telemovies are a perfect showcase for her talents.”

Program Highlights (Melbourne, February 25-March 3):
Saturday: Heart transplant recipient Fiona Coote is featured in Beyond 2000 (7.30pm, Ten). The Ansett Australia Cup (8.30pm, Seven) features Carlton versus Richmond at Waverley Park, Melbourne.

Sunday: The Ansett Australia Cup (1pm, Seven) features Melbourne versus Brisbane at Waverley Park. Bill Woods hosts live coverage of the women’s and men’s triathlon from St Kilda, Melbourne (3pm, Ten). Sunday night movies are Consenting Adults (Seven), Made In America (Nine) and A League Of Their Own (repeat, Ten).

Monday: In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Shane (Dieter Brummer) finally forgives Alf (Ray Meagher). Healthy Wealthy And Wise (7.30pm, Ten) features a trip around Sydney Harbour in an old wooden ferry; a review of the Volkswagen Ecomatic, a car which reduces pollution; and Iain Hewitson makes a pork dish with a banana chutney.

elainesmith_0001Tuesday: Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show (7.30pm, Nine) celebrates its 200th show with a guest appearance by Geoff Harvey and a 20-piece brass band. Former Neighbours star Elaine Smith (pictured) guest stars in GP (8.30pm, ABC).

Wednesday: In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Angel’s (Melissa George) attempt to walk leaves her lying helpless and frightened. Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton return for a new series of The Movie Show (7.30pm, SBS). The Ansett Australia Cup (8.30pm, Seven) features Collingwood versus Footscray, live from Waverley Park. In The Feeding, the latest Halifax fp telemovie (8.30pm, Nine), Jane (Rebecca Gibney) puts her life on the line to stop a serial killer’s reign of terror.

Thursday: In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Angel (Melissa George) begins to sink into despair, and Mary (Carole Skinner) cleverly edges her way into the Stewart house. In Janus (8.30pm, ABC), with the Hennesseys out of money, Michael Kidd (Chris Haywood) is forced to look after other cases to maintain his expensive lifestyle.

Friday: In Home And Away (7pm, Seven), Nicole drops a bombshell on Jack (Daniel Amalm). The 37th Annual Grammy Awards (8.30pm, Seven) are presented in a delayed telecast from the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles.

Source: TV Week (Melbourne edition), incorporating TV Times and TV Guide. 25 February 1995. Southdown Press




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