tv1_logoSubscription TV channel TV1 is now no longer.

TV1 and its sister station SF were owned in a joint venture between Sony Pictures, NBCUniversal and CBS Studios International.

The channels were unable to strike up a renewal for carriage via the Foxtel platform, with the announcement back in August that both TV1 and SF would cease to operate from 31 December 2013.

TV1 gave its final sign-off at midnight last night, 31 December, paying tribute to the shows that made it one of subscription TV’s most popular channels.

TV1 launched in April 1995 on the former Galaxy subscription TV platform. The channel originally offered eight hours of programming a day including classic US titles The A Team, Who’s The Boss, Miami Vice, Quantum Leap, Taxi, The Jeffersons, Soap, The Partridge Family, The Flying Nun and I Love Lucy.

In more recent years TV1 produced some original content, including The King: The Story Of Graham Kennedy (a co-production with the Nine Network), Killing Time, Shock Jock and Stupid Stupid Man.

TV1’s most popular series has been the comedy Seinfeld which has been a firm fixture in the channel’s evening schedule for many years and been subject to a number of marathon screenings.

TV1 and SF were today replaced by new Foxtel-owned channels TVH!TS and Syfy.



Source: Wikipedia


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