The schedule for the first day’s transmission of NITV on SBS‘ digital channel 34 (SBS4):

Wednesday 12 December:

12pm From The Heart Of Our Nation: The historic free-to-air launch of NITV, a dedicated Indigenous television service that will made be available to all Australians for the first time.  

2pm Living Black: Your Stories Your Voice: This 1 hour Living Black special will cover the Indigenous Media;  the history, coverage and impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues and the future of Indigenous broadcasting. The program will feature special guests in the studio who will discuss issues affecting Indigenous communities past and present and how these are covered by the mainstream and Indigenous media.

3pm Waabiny Time: Celebrate Nyoongar Culture and learn more about our country with Waabiny Time

3.30 Tipi Tales: Set in the crook of a forest, Tipi Tales are adventures in story and song, where Elizabeth, Junior, Russell and Sam play and grow together.

3.45 Bobtales

3.50 Finding My Magic:  A children’s rights education program designed to teach students about their rights and responsibilities. Finding My Magic features Olympic champion Cathy Freeman

3.55 P Culture:  An educational series for kids about sustainable living, environmental care and permaculture practices.

4pm Go Lingo:  A high energy game show packed with fun and challenges as students aged between 11-12 play a variety of hi-tech games using the latest in touch screen technology. Host Alanah Ahmat.

4.30 Bushwhacked: Brandon takes Kayne to Tasmania for a ridiculously nail-biting mission: to track down and then kiss a Tasmanian Devil!

5pm Best Of NITV Sport:  Take a look back at the history of NITV Sport.  Bringing you the best sporting moments from 2007 to 2012.

5.30 NITV National News:  Features the rich diversity of contemporary life within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, broadening and redefining the news and current affairs landscape.

6pm Living Black: Your Stories Your Voice 

7pm NITV National News

7.30 From The Heart Of Our Nation — Reflections:  Highlights from the launch ceremony at Uluru in the Northern Territory.

8.30 From The Heart Of Our Nation — Concert:  Featuring performances by some of Australia’s best Indigenous talent, direct from the Northern Territory’s iconic Uluru.  Archie Roach, Christine Anu, Casey Donovan and Troy Cassar Daley will all take to the stage as the sun sets over the Australian desert for a two hour concert hosted by Ernie Dingo

10.05 Movie: Stone Bros.  City-based Eddie sets off to reconnect with his blackfella roots by taking a sacred stone back to his hometown.  But when wild-boy Charlie forces himself along for the ride, Eddie’s spiritual journey takes a sharp turn off-track and becomes a riotous trip through outback Australia as the boys are forced to contend with a self-obsessed Italian rock god, a possessed dog and a host of other eccentric characters along the way.  Directed by Richard Frankland and stars Luke Carroll, Leon Burchill and Peter Phelps

11.30 NITV News

Thursday 13 December (early AM):

12am Best Of NITV Sport

12.30 From The Heart Of Our Nation — Reflections

1am From The Heart Of Our Nation 

3am 2011 Koori Knockout:  The annual NSW Koori Knockout is the largest gathering of Aboriginal people in the world. The game Ningenal Vs Munro United.

4am Ella 7s 2009: Mid North Coast Dolphins v Deadly Dead Bulls, Waterloo Storm No. 2 v Dharawal 7s.

5am Yeyekerte:  Hosted by Pascoe Braun that looks at what’s on around the country.

NITV will broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on SBS digital channel 34.  Some programs will also be made available at SBS On Demand.

Source: SBS

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