abc3_LOGO ABC’s new children’s channel ABC3 has issued its first program guide.

The new digital channel starts with a one-hour Countdown To 3 at 5pm on Friday 4 December on ABC1, including performances by Cassie Davis, Short Stack and ABC3’s CJ the DJ and an appearance by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who will launch the new channel.

Then at 6.00pm, ABC3 starts in earnest with a line-up including new Australian-made programs Prank Patrol, CJ The DJ, My Place and Rush TV:

Friday 4: 6pm Prank Patrol, 6.30 CJ The DJ, 6.55 News On 3, 7.05 Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab, 7.35 Jeopardy, 8pm My Place, 8.30 Heartbreak High, 9pm Close.

Saturday 5: 6am Clash of The Titans: Chaos 101, 6.20 Dragon Booster, 6.45 Skyland, 7.10 Wolverine And The X Men, 7.35 Countdown To 3 (Rpt), 8.35 Prank Patrol, 9am Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab, 9.30 Best Of Rollercoaster, 10.30 Spliced, 10.55 Grossology (2 episodes), 11.45 Jeopardy (5 episodes), 1.55pm Old Tom, 2.10 Flipper And Lopaka, 2.35 Yakkity Yak, 3pm Worst Best Friends, 3.30 Countdown To 3 (Rpt), 4.30 Barney’s Barrier Reef, 5pm Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab, 5.30 Super Hero Squad, 5.55 Shaun The Sheep, 6.05 Jibber Jabber, 6.20 CJ The DJ, 6.30 Prank Patrol, 7pm Rush TV, 7.30 Iron Man (4 episodes), 9pm Close.

ABC3 ABC3 will broadcast each day from 6am to 9pm.

From Monday 7 December, News On 3 will air at 4.25pm and 6.55pm weeknights.

Website: ABC3

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