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1978: July 15-21

Let ‘er RIP! After forty episodes over five years, Paul Hogan (pictured) has decided it was time to let his classic ocker ‘Hoges’ – his trademark football jersey, shorts and boots – lay to rest. Now, the emphasis on The Paul Hogan Show will be on the caricatures based on either real-life figures, such as …

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TelevisionAU Update 13-Jul-08

https://www.televisionau.com FLASHBACK #46: Lots of smiles at the studios of Adelaide’s SAS10 on the occasion of the station’s first anniversary in 1966.  Pictured, left to right, are local presenters Roger Cardwell, Gail Spiro, Penny Ramsey, Bobo The Clown, Michelle Kenny and Paul Griffiths.  SAS10 launched on 26 July 1965, and within its first year had …

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