Saturday 30 November 1963 — MELBOURNE

Federal Election coverage dominates the evening’s viewing on all channels

Federal election started TV revolution [2013]

Source: TV Week, 30 November 1963

7AM 7am Test Pattern
7.30 The Bugs Bunny Show
8AM 8am Kevin Dennis Auditions. Frank Wilson
9AM 9.30 Close
10AM 10.30am Test Pattern, Music
1PM 1.30pm Sportsview 1.30pm Test Pattern
2PM 2.15pm Directions
2.30 Far Horizons
2pm Men Into Space
2.30 Challenge
3PM 3pm Movie: Circus Clown. 1934 [IMDB] 3pm Bat Masterson
3.30 Hopalong Cassidy
4PM 4pm Cartoon Carnival
4.30 Your Hit Parade
4.30 Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon
5PM 5.30 Cartoon Time 5pm Sing Sing Sing. Johnny O’Keefe 5pm Country And Western Hour. Roger Cardwell
6PM 6pm The Bryan Davies Show 6pm Peter’s Fun Fair
6.30 News, Sport, Weather
6pm News, Sport. Bob Walters, Maurie Kirby
6.30 The Deputy
7PM 7pm ABC News. Tom Horton
7.15 Sports Review
7.30 The Donna Reed Show
7pm The Jackie Gleason Show 7pm Rifleman
7.30 Adventures In Paradise
8PM 8pm Boyd QC
8.30 Four Corners
8pm Federal Election Preview. Roland Strong, Geoff Raymond, Brian Naylor, Herschel Hurst, Frederick Howard 8.30 Federal Election: National Television Network
Eric Pearce, Alan Reid, Brian Henderson, Bob Walters. With commentators Kevin Sanders, Mike Ramsden (TCN9), Creighton Burns, Graham Perkins (The Age). Coverage from Commonwealth tallyroom, Canberra; NSW tally room; Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology; GTV9; TCN9 Sydney and offices of The Daily Telegraph in Sydney.gtv9_election63
9PM 9.15 Federal Election Preview
9.20 The Music We Love
9.30 Federal Election Telecast. Includes panel discussion at 10.30 with Federal Treasurer Mr Holt; Labor member for Melbourne Ports, Mr F Crean; Senator Wade of the Country Party; and Frank McManus of DLP
12AM 12.05am Close 12am Close  12am Close