Saturday 27 November 1965 — VICTORIA

The official opening of regional TV station STV8, serving Mildura and the Sunraysia district.  The new channel completes the roll-out of one commercial television service in each major regional centre in Victoria.

The launch of STV8 had originally been scheduled for the previous Saturday but had been postponed at the last minute due to delays with the Australian Broadcasting Control Board.

50 years of TV in Mildura [2015]

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Source: TV Times, 24 November 1965.

7AM 7am Test Pattern, Music
7.30 The Bugs Bunny Show
8AM 8am Kevin Dennis’ New Faces
9AM 9am Test Pattern, Music
9.30 Racing Preview
9am Kaper Cops
9.30 Turf Guide
10AM 10.30am Test Pattern, Music 10.30 Employment Service 10.30 Top Pro Golf
11AM 11pm Television Tutorial 11.30 Championship Bowling
12PM 12.30pm Movie: Heads We Go [IMDB] 12pm Consider Your Verdict 12pm Your Hit Parade
12.30 Country And Western Hour
1PM 1pm Theatre Royal. George Wallace, Dick McCann, Brian Tait, James Harris, Bryon Williams, Delores Rose. 1.25 Camera Corner
1.30 Movie: Twilight On Trail. 1941 [IMDB]
2PM 2pm Hit Parade
2.30 Victorian Tennis Championships. Live from Kooyong, Melbourne
2pm Movie: Beautiful But Broke. 1944 [IMDB] 2.30 Movie: Charlie Chan In Honolulu. 1939 [IMDB]
3PM 3.30 The Amazing Miss A 3pm Light Time
3.15 London Line
3.30 Jazz USA
4PM 4pm Movie: Apache Trail. 1942 [IMDB] 4pm Saturday Date 4pm The Buccaneers
4.30 Citizen Soldier
5PM 5.30 Peter’s Fun Fair 5pm Shindig
5.30 Roller Derby
5pm Maverick
6PM 6pm Hullabaloo
6.45 Alcheringa
6pm Science All Stars
6.30 News
6.30 News. Bob Walters, Tony Charlton 6pm The Flintstones
6.30 Sergeant Bilko
6.55 News
7PM 7pm ABC News, Newsreel, Weather
7.18 Sports Review. Dick Mason, Joe Brown.
7.30 The Donna Reed Show
7pm Sugar Beat
7.30 Perry Mason
7pm Hennesey
7.30 Twelve O’Clock High
7pm The Patty Duke Show
7.30 The Ed Sullivan Show
8PM 8pm Four Corners
8.50 Movie: Homicidal [IMDB]
8.30 The Mavis Bramston Show. Gordon Chater, Barry Creyton, June Salter, James Kenney. 8.30 The Red Skelton Hour 8.28 News
8.30 Gunsmoke
9PM 9.30 The Virginian 9.30 The Human Jungle 9.28 News
9.30 Movie: Three Young Texans. 1954 [IMDB]
10PM 10.10 The Desperate People
10.35 Weather; Close
10.30 The Norman Banks Program 10.55 News
11PM 11pm Challenge Golf
11.50 News
11.30 News, Sports, Trotting 11pm Weekend With Jerry Lester
11.50 Close
12AM 12.15am Close 12am Epilogue
12.10 Close


Albury ABAV1
Ballarat ABRV3
Bendigo ABEV1
Gippsland ABLV4
Mildura ABMV4
Shepparton ABGV3
Swan Hill ABSV2
10.30am Test Pattern, Music
12.30pm Movie: Heads We Go [IMDB]
2pm Hit Parade
2.30 Victorian Tennis Championships. Live from Kooyong, Melbourne
6pm Hullabaloo
6.45 Alcheringa
7pm ABC News, Newsreel, Weather
7.18 Sports Review
7.30 The Donna Reed Show
8pm Four Corners
8.50 Movie: Homicidal [IMDB]
10.10 The Desperate People
10.35 Weather; Close
4.45pm Cartoons
5pm Bandstand. Brian Henderson
5.50 The Great Adventure
6.40 Sports Results. Ross Sellars
7pm ABC News
7.15 Patrick O’Hagan Sings
7.25 Entertainment Billboard
7.30 Pick A Box
8pm Movie: A Star Is Born. 1957 [IMDB]
10pm Ringside With The Rasslers
10.30 Close
5pm The Invisible Man
5.30 Wild Kingdom
6pm Ten On The Town
6.30 BTV/HSV News
6.55 Local Sport
7pm The Frank Ifield Show
7.30 Rawhide
8.20 Burke’s Law
9.10 Adventures In Paradise
10pm The Mavis Bramston Show
10.50 Late News. Ron Alderton
11pm Epilogue; Close
4.55pm Evening Viewing
5pm Shindig
5.50 Race Results
6pm Father Knows Best
6.30 News, Weather
7pm Sunnyside Up
7.50 Sports Results
8pm Rawhide
9pm Hollywood Palace
9.50 No Hiding Place
10.40 Teleprinter News
10.50 Roller Derby
11.35 Epilogue
11.45 Close
4pm The Samurai
4.25 Camera Corner
4.30 Movie: Gun Town [IMDB]
5.30 Our Miss Brooks
5.55 Sporting Results
6pm Bandstand
6.45 BCV/ATV News
7pm Sunnyside Up
7.50 Motoring Review
8pm The Virginian
9.15 The Mavis Bramston Show
10.15 Hong Kong
11.10 News
11.20 London Line
11.30 Close
6pm Official Opening: The STV8 Story
6.30 McHale’s Navy
7pm ABC News
7.15 Sunraysia News
7.30 BP Super Show
8pm Checkmate
9pm Movie: The Egg And I. 1947 [IMDB]
10.45 Close
5.30pm Universal Westerns
6.30 Ten On The Town
7pm Glynis
7.30 Tom Dick And Mary
8pm Bonanza
9pm Movie: Adventure. 1946 [IMDB]
11.06 Straightaway
11.36 Close