Sunday 27 May 1973 — CANBERRA

The local premiere of the ABC series A Taste For Blue Ribbons, based on the book by Eugene Lumbers, starring Ron Graham, Sheila Bradley, Sally Conabere and her father Syd Conabere. The series first debuted in Victoria a week earlier and other states during June. In 1975 it was followed up by a sequel, Lucky Colour Blue.

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Source: TV Week, 26 May 1973. The Canberra Times, 26 May 1973

10AM 10.50am Is This Your Career?
11AM 11am Divine Service
12PM 12pm A Big Country
12.30 Science Report
12.45 Southern Gardener
12pm Sports Action. Rex Mossop
1PM 1pm Four Corners (Rpt)
1.55 Royal Ballet: Ondine
1pm Rawhide
1.55 World Championship Wrestling
2PM 2.55 Basketball: NBA
3PM 3.20 Origami
3.30 The Original Laurel And Hardy
3.40 TDT Special: Johnny Farnham
3.30 Rugby League: Queanbeyan Kangaroos v East Canberra
4PM 4.15 Movie: The Lively Set. 1964 [IMDB] 4.30 Movie: They Rode West [IMDB]
5PM 5.50 Rugby League
6PM 6pm The Stable Artist
6.25 A Taste For Blue Ribbons PREMIERE
6.55 Weather
6pm Seven National News (ATN7)
6.30 Disneyland
7PM  7pm ABC News. Includes Weekend Magazine
7.30 The Magic Of Music. Eric Jupp, Shirley McDonald, Neil Williams
7.30 The Mary Tyler Moore Show
8PM  8pm The Regiment
8.50 ABC News, Weather
8.55 Retrospect
8pm Movie: The Searchers. 1956 [IMDB]
9PM  9.50 Special: Local Measures On A World Scale
10PM  10.20 ABC News, Weather
10.30 Broaden Your Mind
10.10 Federal File
10.40 Point Of View
10.50 Man Alive
11PM  11pm Close 11.30 Close