Monday 25 March 1985 — BRISBANE

The Seven Network soapie Neighbours makes its Brisbane debut, a week after its debut in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide

Neighbours — I said it wouldn’t last [2015]

Source: TV Week, 23 March 1985

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6AM News Overnight (cont’d) 6am Prologue
6.05 Here’s Lucy
6.30 The New Ed Allen Show
6.55 Answers For Today
7AM 7am Boris’ Breakfast Show 7am Today 7am Good Morning Australia
8AM 8am Sesame Street
9AM 9am Play School
9.30 For Schools: Shakespeare In Perspective, Watch, Looking Around, Brazil, The Magic Bag, Watch, Infinity Ltd
9am Romper Room
9.28 Community Noticeboard
9.30 Family Feud
9am Over Ann’s Rainbow
9.30 Another World
9am Fat Cat And Friends
9.30 Adam 12
10AM 10am Donahue
10.55 Astrology
10.30 The Young And The Restless 10am All My Children
11AM 11am Eleven AM 11.25 Stefan
11.30 National Nine News
11am Living
11.57 Eyewitness News
12PM 12pm Close 12pm Movie: Chain Reaction. 1980 [IMDB] 12pm Midday With Ray Martin 12pm After Noon. Tony Murphy, Katrina Lee
1PM 1.11 For Schools: Look At A Box, Words And Pictures
1.55 Close
1.30 Barnaby Jones 1.30 Marcus Welby MD
2PM 2pm Cop Shop 2.30 General Hospital 2.30 BJ And The Bear
3PM 3pm Sesame Street
3.55 Paddington Bear
3pm The Streets Of San Francisco 3pm Days Of Our Lives 3.30 Blankety Blanks. Graham Kennedy
4PM 4pm Play School
4.30 Mr Squiggle And Friends
4pm Wombat 4pm The Ossie Ostrich Video Show
4.30 Skippy
4pm Simon Townsend’s Wonder World
5PM 5pm Educating Marmalade
5.30 Astroboy
5.55 Come And Get It
5pm Play Your Cards Right
5.30 Wheel Of Fortune
5pm Benson
5.30 Today Tonight. John Barton
5pm The Brady Bunch
5.30 Perfect Match
6PM 6pm Dreams
6.30 ABC National. Ron Markland, Janet Wilson
6pm Seven National News. Nev Roberts
6.30 State Affair. Glenn Taylor
6pm National Nine News. Frank Warrick
6.30 Sale Of The Century. Tony Barber, Delvene Delaney
6pm Eyewitness News. Des McWilliam, Kay McGrath
7PM  7.30 Mother And Son 7pm Neighbours PREMIERE Alan Dale, Anne Haddy, Stefan Dennis, Francis Bell, Dasha Blahova, David Clencie, Peter O’Brien, Elaine Smith, Vikki Blanche, Kylie Flinker, Paul Keane, Darius Perkins (see advertisement below) 7pm Blankety Blanks. Daryl Somers
7.30 Possession
7pm MASH
7.30 Dallas
8PM  8pm Fawlty Towers
8.30 Minder
8.30 Movie: International Velvet. 1978 [IMDB] 8.30 Dynasty 8.30 Mini-Series: Hollywood Wives [IMDB]
9PM  9.25 Police 9.30 The Mike Walsh Show
10PM  10.10 A New World (For Sure)
10.40 All Star Soccer
10.30 Meet The Press
11PM  11.40 Close 11pm Newsworld
11.30 Gimme A Break
11pm Movin’ On 11pm Eyewitness News
11.15 Matt Houston
12AM  12am News Overnight. Includes Today (NBC)
(Continues to 7am)
12am Epilogue
12.05 Movie: Nurse On Wheels. 1963 [IMDB]
12.15am Close
1AM  1.30 Movie: When Michael Calls. 1971 [IMDB]
3AM  3.05 Movie: Nine Hours To Rama. 1963 [IMDB]
5AM  5.15 Last Of The Wild
5.45 Cartoon Corner
(Continues to 6am)