Tuesday 10 September 1963 — MELBOURNE

See also: Tuesday 10 September 1963 — BRISBANE

Source: TV Times, 4 September 1963. TV Week, 7 September 1963.

9AM 9.30am Test Pattern
10AM 10.30am Test Pattern 10.30 Summer School Of Science
11AM 11.55am First Edition 11.30 Almanac
11.35 Heart Of The City
12PM 12pm Movie: Boys’ Ranch. 1946 [IMDB] 12pm Bake Off Competition
12.30 Movie: Prince Of Pirates. 1953 [IMDB]
1PM 1.30 Make A Wish
2PM 2pm Command In Battle
2.35 Eye On Research
2pm Video Village. Danny Webb
2.30 The Price Is Right. Horrie Dargie
2pm It Could Be You. Tommy Hanlon Jnr
2.30 Take The Hint. Frank Wilson
3PM 3.10 Close 3pm Movie: Hollywood Barn Dance. 1947 [IMDB] 3pm Say When. Jimmy Hannan
3.30 Concentration. Terry Dear
4PM 4.45 Kindergarten Playtime 4.10 Cartoon Carnival
4.35 Under The Big Top. Roy Lyons
4.50 The Happy Show. Happy Hammond
4pm Sea Hunt
4.30 Wild Bill Hickok
5PM 5pm Storybook 5pm The Tarax Show. Uncle Norman, Susan-Gaye Anderson, Ron Blaskett, Gerry Gee, Joffa Boy, Patti McGrath, Margot Sheridan
6PM 6pm Come To The Caribbean
6.30 December Bride
6pm News. Geoff Raymond
6.30 National Top 40. Ron Brady
6pm Komedy Korner. Includes The Three Stooges, Harveytoons
6.30 News. Includes Professor Browne’s Study
7PM  7pm ABC News, Newsreel, Weather. Geoff Walker
7.30 Going My Way
7pm Bachelor Father
7.30 The Delo And Daly Show. Ken Delo, Jonathan Daly, Vikki Hammond
7pm The Dick Van Dyke Show
7.30 Stoney Burke
8PM  8.20 This Week In Britain
8.25 Export Action
8.30 Sports Cavalcade. Graeme Cope
8.30 The Dick Powell Show 8.30 The Defenders
9PM  9pm The Critics
9.30 Floorshow. Joe Martin
9.30 Movie: West Of Shanghai. 1936 [IMDB] 9.30 In Melbourne Tonight. Graham Kennedy
10PM  10pm ABC News
10.10 Michael Shayne
10.40 The Everglades 10.45 Television City News. Eric Pearce
11PM  11pm Close 11.10 Late News Headlines
11.15 Close
11pm The Detectives
11.30 Epilogue. Rev Norman Faichney
11.35 Close