Tuesday 10 September 1963 — BRISBANE

See also: Tuesday 10 September 1963 — MELBOURNE

Source: TV Times, 4 September 1963.

11AM 11.30am Cartoons
11.45 Movie: He Walked By Night. 1949 [IMDB]
11am Romper Room. Miss Patricia (see advertisement below)
11.45 Living Graciously. Sally Hembrow
12PM 12pm Movie: Joe Smith American. 1941 [IMDB]
1PM 1.35pm For Schools
1.55 Close
1.15pm Autumn Affair
1.30 The Price Is Right. Horrie Dargie
1.30 Take The Hint. Frank Wilson
2PM 2pm Woman’s World. Maureen Kistle
2.35 For Schools
2pm The Beachcomber
2.30 Make A Wish. Ron Brady
2pm It Could Be You. Tommy Hanlon Jnr
2.30 Concentration
3PM 3pm Close 3pm Video Village. Danny Webb
3.30 I Love Lucy
3pm Say When! Jimmy Hannan
3.30 The Loretta Young Show
4PM 4.45 Kindergarten Playtime 4pm Happy Hour. Jill Edwards, Dick McCann
4.15 The Mickey Mouse Club
4.35 Robin Hood
4pm The Bugs Bunny Show
4.30 Superman
5PM 5pm Storybook 5pm Broken Arrow
5.30 Cartoons: Deputy Dawg, Woody Woodpecker, Huckleberry Hound
5pm The Three Stooges
5.20 Komedy Kapers
5.35 William Tell
6PM 6pm The Ray Bolger Show
6.30 December Bride
6.55 Focus
6pm The Big News
6.30 Angel
6pm The Top News
6.30 The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis
7PM  7pm ABC News, Newsreel, Weather
7.30 I’m Dickens He’s Fenster
7pm Our Man Higgins
7.30 Cheyenne
7pm The Dick Van Dyke Show
7.30 The Red Skelton Hour
8PM  8pm Vikki. Vikki Hammond
8.30 Sports Cavalcade
8.30 Perry Mason 8.30 Premiere Theatre: People Need People [IMDB]
9PM  9pm The Critics
9.30 World Film Playhouse
9.30 House Party. Brian Tait, Dick McCann, Ron Brady, Freddie Bamberger (see advertisement below) 9.30 The Best Of Kennedy
10PM  10pm Celebrity Recital
10.50 Newsreel, Weather
10.30 Hotel de Paree 10.30 Lock Up
11PM  11pm Close 11pm News Headlines
11.05 Close
11pm News Headlines
11.05 Close
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