Monday 4 March 1985 — MELBOURNE

ABC replaces its separate news and current affairs programs with ABC National, a one-hour program combining both news and current affairs analysis.

ATV10 presents the first installment of the World War II mini-series The Cowra Breakout.

Then, after midnight, HSV7 presents its first News Overnight, comprising news programs sourced via satellite from the American NBC and CNN networks as well as replays of local news and current affairs programming.

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The National, ABC’s $25m news gamble [2015]

Source: The Age, 4 March 1985

  ABV2 HSV7 GTV9 ATV10 SBS0/28 
abc_1975_bw 7logo_1980s_bw 9logo_1980s_bw ten_1984_bw sbs_85_bw
6AM 6am Rocky And Bullwinkle
6.25 Go Health
6.30 Scooby Doo
6am Felix The Cat
6.05 Popeye
6.30 McHale’s Navy (B&W)
7AM 7am The Flintstone Frolics
7.30 Mickey And Donald
7am Today 7am Good Morning Australia
8AM 8am Sesame Street 8am Leave It To Beaver
8.30 Shazzan!
9AM 9am Arthur And The Square Knights Of The Round Table
9.25 Dr Snuggles
9.30 Play School
9am Hallelujah!
9.30 Family Affair
9am Here’s Humphrey 9am That Girl
9.30 Fat Cat And Friends
10AM 10am For Schools: Watch, The Colonials, Words And Pictures, The Magic Bag, For The Juniors, Infinity Ltd, Australian History, Computer Club, Kontakte 10am Romper Room 10am Another World 10am Good Morning Melbourne. Roy Hampson, Annette Allison
11AM 11am Eleven AM 11am Here’s Lucy
11.30 National Nine Morning News
11am All My Children 11am The Sprite And The Owl
11.10 Follow Me
11.30 Daughter Of The Porter (Lebanon)
12PM 12pm Movie: A Question Of Love. 1978 [IMDB] 12pm Midday With Ray Martin 12pm After Noon. Tony Murphy, Katrina Lee 12.40pm Movie: Sipsirica (Hungary) [IMDB]
1PM 1.15pm Close
1.25 For Schools: Junior Secondary Maths
1.45 Close
1.30 Days Of Our Lives 1.30 Movie: That Kind Of Woman. 1959 (B&W)  [IMDB]
2PM 2pm Donahue 2.30 The Young And The Restless 2.25 Close
3PM 3pm Sesame Street
3.55 AEIOU
3pm Cop Shop 3.30 General Hospital 3.30 Blankety Blanks. Graham Kennedy
4PM 4pm Play School
4.30 Mr Squiggle
4pm Wombat
4.30 The Yearling
4pm Skippy The Bush Kangaroo
4.30 The Ossie Ostrich Video Show
4pm Simon Townsend’s Wonder World
5PM 5pm Into The Labyrinth
5.25 Bananaman
5.30 Astroboy
5.55 Come And Get It
5pm Wheel Of Fortune
5.30 The New Price Is Right
5pm Happy Days
5.30 Blankety Blanks. Daryl Somers
5pm Gilligan’s Island
5.30 Perfect Match. Greg Evans, Debbie Newsome
5.30 Don Quixote
6PM 6pm Heroes
6.30 ABC National PREMIERE Richard Morecroft, Geraldine Doogue
6pm Family Ties
6.30 Seven National News
6pm National Nine News
6.30 Willesee. Mike Willesee
6pm Eyewitness News. David Johnston, Jo Pearson 6pm Russian Language And People
6.30 SPIS — A Distant Paradise (Germany)
7PM  7.30 Mother And Son 7pm Day By Day. Mark Day
7.30 Sons And Daughters
7pm Sale of The Century. Tony Barber, Delvene Delaney
7.30 Knight Rider
7pm MASH
7.30 Mini-Series: The Cowra Breakout PREMIERE [IMDB]
7pm World News
7.30 Aristocrats
8PM  8pm Fawlty Towers
8.30 Minder
8.30 Movie: Six Pack. 1982 [IMDB] 8.30 Dynasty 8.30 The Octopus (Italy)
9PM  9.20 Police 9.30 The Mike Walsh Show 9.35 Writer’s Playhouse: Second Chance
10PM  10.10 A New World (For Sure)
10.40 Soccer: English Cup Championship
10.35 Newsworld 10.30 Eyewitness News
10.40 Mississippi
10.05 Movie: The Girl In Room 17. 1970 (Greece) (B&W) [IMDB]
11PM  11.40 Close 11.10 Greyhound Racing: Australian Cup
11.30 Barney Miller
11pm National Nine News
11.05 Hawaii Five O
11.40 Movie: The Singer Not The Song. 1961 [IMDB] 11.40 Close
12AM  12am News Overnight PREMIERE 12am Today (NBC), 2am Daybreak (CNN), 4am Newsworld (Rpt), 4.30 Day By Day (Rpt), 5am Daywatch (CNN)
(Continues to 7am)
12.05am Movie: The Culpepper Cattle Company. 1972 [IMDB]
1AM  1.55 Movie: Crunch. 1975 [IMDB]
2AM  2.20am Close
3AM  3.50 Movie: Iron Man. 1952 [IMDB]
5AM  5.10 Bonanza
(Continues to 6am)