5 January 1974: ABC Sportsman Of The Year

5 January 1980: Lynda Stoner (Cop Shop)

5 January 1980: ABC Sportsman Of The Year

5 January 1991: Nicolle Dickson (Home And Away)

5 January 2002: Madeleine West, Blair McDonough, Dan Paris, Kym Valentine (Neighbours)

5 January 2008: Kym Valentine and Brett Tucker (Neighbours)

5 January 1986: The final day of transmission for SBS on VHF Channel 0 in Sydney and Melbourne, ending simulcast with UHF Channel 28. From the following day, SBS becomes Australia’s first UHF-only network.

5 January 1992: Seven debuts children’s drama Clowning Around, the story of a boy who fulfils his dreams against all odds. Starring Noni Hazlehurst, Ernie Dingo, Rebecca Smart and Clayton Williamson.

5 January 2010: The final episode of the SBS drama The Circuit, starring Aaron Pedersen, Kelton Pell, Gary Sweet and Marta Kaczmarek.

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