24 January 1976: Chelsea Brown (Celebrity Squares)

24 January 1976: Frankie Howerd and Kate Fitzpatrick (Up The Convicts)

24 January 1981: Peter Lochran and Karen Pini (The Young Doctors)

24 January 1998: Tennis champion Pat Rafter

24 January 2004: Christie Hayes and Sam Atwell (Home And Away)

24 January 2009: Dustin Clare, Kate Ritchie, Matthew Newton (Underbelly)

24 January 1959: GTV9 presents Sorrento By The Sea, a live three-hour outside broadcast from Sorrento Beach, south of Melbourne. Featuring station personalities including Graham Kennedy, Joff Ellen, Geoff Corke, Hal Todd, Bob Horsfall, Joy Fountain, Wendy Marshall and Evie Hayes.

24 January 1974: The Opening Ceremony of the X Commonwealth Games, live from Christchurch, New Zealand, on ABC. ABC’s daily coverage of the Games comprised only of highlight segments totalling around 50 minutes each day, and two hours of live coverage on Saturdays.

Blankety Blanks: Graham Kennedy, Ugly Dave Gray

24 January 1977: Graham Kennedy returns to television as host of 0-10’s evening game show Blankety Blanks, which became a ratings winner. The show, based on the American series The Match Game, continued for two years.

24 January 1988: Ten launches its new network logo, based on the roman numeral X.

24 January 1990: Nine’s coverage of the XIV Commonwealth Games begins with the Opening Ceremony from Mount Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand.

24 January 1992: In the lead up to Australia Day, ABC presents the first of two nights of The Aussie Picture Show, a collection of films representing Australian life over the past 80 years. Tonight’s line-up of films include Leisure, the 1977 Academy Award-winning animation depicting the world of work and leisure through history; Bingo, Bridesmaids And Braces, tracing the lives of three working-class women as they grow up over a 12-year period; This Is The ABC, a 20-minute review of the operations of the ABC in the 1950s; and the 1979 telemovie A Good Thing Going, starring Chris Haywood and Veronica Lang.

24 January 1994: The debut of Ten‘s new lifestyle program Level 23, hosted by Melissa Thomas, Nathan Harvey, Anja Coleby, Nick Testoni and Brent Meyer. Ray Martin takes over as host on Nine’s A Current Affair.

24 January 1995: Lifestyle show Better Homes And Gardens (Seven) makes its debut, hosted by Noni Hazlehurst and John Jarratt (pictured) with presenters Fiona Connelly, Belinda Jeffrey, Colm O’Leary and Tony Fragar.

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