21 January 1970: Ross D Wyllie (Uptight)

21 January 1978: Marcia Hines (Marcia Hines Music)

21 January 1989: Rachel Friend (Neighbours)

21 January 2006: Myles Pollard and Bridie Carter (McLeod’s Daughters)

21 January 1973: ABC launches its new weekly interview series With Gerald Stone, fronted by the former This Day Tonight reporter. The first program covers the topic of wealth distribution, with Stone interviewing mining magnate Lang Hangcock and a minimum-wage railway worker from Western Australia, Gary Walton.

21 January 1977: Regional station GTW11 launches in Geraldton, Western Australia.

21 January 1985: The XIX Superbowl is broadcast on Nine, live from California with a repeat screening at night.

21 January 1991: Business Today, Today, Good Morning Australia, Til Ten and A Country Practice all return for another year. With official ratings still on summer break for a few more weeks, Nine has repeat episodes of Sale Of The Century under the title Sale Of The Century Classics, and a re-run of the original The Flying Doctors mini-series from 1985, ahead of the regular series return later in the week.

21 January 1993: The premiere episode of RFDS, the new-look The Flying Doctors, with new cast members including Simone Buchanan and Peter Phelps (pictured).

21 January 2009: Foxtel comedy series Chandon Pictures makes its free-to-air debut on ABC.

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