Seven Tasmania newsreader Rachel Williams was meant to sign off from her final Nightly News bulletin on Sunday night — until a power failure saw the Launceston-based studio taken out of action halfway through the bulletin.

Tasmanian viewers were left to view a blank screen and some ads before Seven switched unannounced to a relay of the Melbourne-based Seven News in progress.

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The glitch meant that Williams did not get to bid farewell to viewers after ten years presenting weekend news for the station.

She was invited back to the news desk on Monday night to give a belated farewell to viewers and to share some highlights and bloopers from a decade at Seven Tasmania, formerly Southern Cross.

Williams announced her resignation from Seven Tasmania a few weeks ago, which came five months after her weeknight colleague Jo Palmer also left the top-rating bulletin.

YouTube: TVTNT 69

Source: Nightly News Seven Tasmania, Rachel Williams

4 thoughts on “Seven Tasmania newsreader’s late farewell

  1. Omg, Why ever did Southern Cross Tas News, let Rachel Williams go. This woman should have been given the nightly News position. Rachel spoke perfect English. Kim’ voice is too soft, which I had to turn the volume up to hear her. This other new one, her voiced is so high in pitch, now I don’t watch S C Tassy News now. Which was the only one I watched . Bring back Rachel. She was a pro, had a perfect voice, & spoke so well.

    1. Absolutely agree with you. Kim’s voice is far to soft & low for TV. Omg the new weekend one, her voice is so screech is unbearable to listen too. Southern Cross channel 7 you let a perfect speaking news reader go ,,WHY WHY WHY. I can’t watch the news on 7 anymore . Bring back Rachel.

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