SBS has made a quiet adjustment to its television transmissions.

On Saturday 8 April SBS launched a High Definition broadcast of its secondary channel SBS Viceland (formerly SBS2).

The new HD signal, on Channel 31, is in tandem with SBS Viceland’s standard definition broadcast currently on Channel 32.

SBS’ primary channel continues its HD broadcast on Channel 30 but that is now broadcasting in the more modern MPEG4 standard which has allowed capacity for SBS Viceland to also be in HD.

Some sets or tuners may require re-scanning to pick up the new channel configurations. Viewers without MPEG4 compatible tuners can continue to view SBS’ main channel in standard definition on Channel 3.

The changeover makes SBS the first Australian network to broadcast two High Definition channels. ABC, Seven, Nine and Ten only provide HD simulcast of their primary channels.

SBS notes that SBS Viceland HD will not be available on satellite platform VAST or via Foxtel.

The SBS television signal has also recently expanded to include a simulcast of its digital radio station Arabic24 on Channel 36.

Source: SBS



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