Back in the Nineties, ABC‘s The Late Show took footage from 1970s dramas Bluey and Rush and comically re-voiced them — resulting in the sketches Bargearse and The Olden Days.

Now, with the 60th anniversary of Australian television approaching, ABC is taking a similar tact with its new online series When TV Was Awesome.

Written and produced by Jason Marion (Rove Live, Dirty Laundry Live), When TV Was Awesome has trawled some vintage ABC productions and given them a comic twist.

ABC programs including This Day Tonight, In The Wild With Harry Butler and Patrol Boat have been adapted to new titles such as Pumpkin Phun Tonight, Harry Butler Gone Wild, Man Boat, Australia’s Got Talent ’82 and Bastard!.

My personal favourite is Pastamind, adapted from Mastermind but where the answer to every question is ‘pasta’.

When TV Was Awesome is currently available on ABC iView. Most episodes are rated M or MA and carry warnings of Coarse Language.

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