brucemansfieldMelbourne radio 3AW‘s Nightline program has put the call out… for co-presenter Bruce Mansfield to be invited to reprise his role of newsreader at Ten in Melbourne on its upcoming 50th anniversary.

The idea is reminiscent of Brisbane’s Seven News inviting its founding newsreader Brian Cahill to make a guest appearance on the eve of its 50th anniversary in 2009.

Mansfield, with the fashionable tinted glasses, large sideburns and brown ties, was newsreader for Eyewitness News on Ten’s predecessor ATV0 from 1973 to 1979. It was a serious change of pace for the former radio disc jockey and comic sidekick from shows like In Melbourne Tonight and Daryl SomersCartoon Corner.

0-eyewitnessnews1978During his tenure at the Eyewitness News desk Mansfield fronted the channel’s first one-hour news bulletin and was also the regular voice over man in station promos.

Although new management axed Mansfield and his newsreading partner Annette Allison from the news desk at the end of 1979, both continued to be employed at the station — with Mansfield continuing voice over work on various Ten Network programs including Young Talent Time, Perfect Match and Personality Squares.

Since 1990 he has co-hosted 3AW’s Nightline and Remember When with another ex-IMT and ATV0 presenter, former game show host Philip Brady.

ATV Ten Melbourne turns 50 years old on 1 August.

Source: Nightline
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