3 December 2013 archive

ATN7’s vintage farewell to analogue

Sydney’s ATN7 has signed off its analogue signal this morning after 57 years and one day of service (the station launched 2 December, 1956) with a flashback to its nightly shutdown — the song My City Of Sydney performed by Tommy Leonetti, an American entertainer who hosted a variety show for the channel in the …

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Sydney switches off analogue

Today marks the end of analogue television transmissions in Sydney and the Central Coast region of New South Wales. The switch-off, scheduled for 9.00am, will affect local analogue transmissions of ABC1, Seven (ATN), Nine (TCN), Ten (TEN) and SBS One as well as Central Coast transmissions of Prime7 (NEN) and NBN. Southern Cross Ten (NRN) does …

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