Rowena Wallace to sell Silver Logie

tvweek_040585Actress Rowena Wallace is having another stab at selling one of her Logie awards.

The Silver Logie she won for Best Lead Actress in 1985 (for the year 1984) has gone on sale on Ebay with a starting price of $4000.

So far there have been no bids placed but the auction has a few days still to go.

The Ebay listing states that the legal restrictions that blocked the attempted sale of her Gold Logie, also from 1985, have been sorted and she is free “to offer this cherished award for sale in order to help her relocate to Queensland”.

The actress’ financial woes of recent times have featured numerous times on the 6.30pm current affairs shows.

Wallace won a total of five Logies over three years for her role as Patricia “Pat the Rat” Hamilton in the long-running series Sons And Daughters which ran from 1982 to 1987.

The series is currently in daytime re-runs — something that Wallace and her former co-stars are probably not getting paid for — on 7TWO.

Source: Ebay

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