logie_1980s The auction of a vintage TV Week Gold Logie has been withdrawn from website Ebay following the threat of legal action from the Awards organisers.

The Herald Sun reports that the Gold Logie, claimed to have been a “100 per cent original” from the 1960s, had a starting price of $1000.  The Logie had apparently been obtained by the Ebay seller at a Camberwell market 15 years ago.

The seller does not mention who the Gold Logie was originally awarded to but only recalled that “she used to work for GTV9”. 

TV Week publisher Peter Holder said the sale of the Logie was disappointing:

“We are disappointed that something so cherished is being so cheaply flogged.  It’s sad that something that meant so much to someone in the 1960s doesn’t mean as much to someone in 2011.”

Ebay is investigating the item and the magazine, which has handed out the Logies since 1959, is considering legal options.

Two years ago the 1975 Silver Logie for best actress, won by Number 96 star Bunney Brooke (who died in 2000), was sold on Ebay for over $2200.  

Source: Herald Sun

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